List of Participants

Lorna Roe, Age Action Ireland Ltd
Bronwen Walter, Anglia Ruskin University
Elinor Johnston, Belfast
Mog Ball, Birkbeck, University of London
Paul Watt, Birkbeck, University of London
Victoria Smith, Blaby District Council
Tim Davies, Blackpool and the Fylde College
Rod Passant, Blackpool and the Fylde College
Narcisse Sharifian, Brooklands College
Ruth Rogers, Canterbury Christ Church University
Victoria Hull, Care Leavers Association
Roger O'Sullivan, Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland
Barbara Tizard, Centre for Social Policy
Rupert Hughes, Centre for Social Policy
Roy Parker, Centre for Social Policy
Kate Green, Child Poverty Action Group
Kathryn Lovering, Children's Services Research Group
Tina Davis, Citizens Advice
Gill Craig, City University, London
Jeanette Copperman, City University, London
Anne Murcott, City University, Londonv
Sharon Noonan-Gunning, City University, London/NHS Islington
Brian Green, Co-operative Bank
Hans Offerdal, CROP
Paul Fryers, East Midlands Public Health Observatory
Sally Ramage, Editor, The Criminal Lawyer
Julio Boltvinik, El Colegio de México
Asghar Zaidi, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research
Giles Wright, Fabian Society
Ian Hancock, Fabian Society
Rachael Jolley, Faculty of Public Health
Gillian Granville, Gillian Granville Associates
Vicki Peacey, Gingerbread
Louise Ward-Bergeman, Gingerbread
David Elliman, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Robin Brown, Hayes & Harlington Community Development Forum
Glen Bramley, Heriot-Watt University
Jean Corston, House of Lords
Jessica Abell, Imperial College
Nick Maxwell, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Helen Bedford, Institute of Child Health, University College London
Sonia Jackson, Institute of Education, University of London
Antonia Simon, Institute of Education, University of London
Rebecca O'Connell, Institute of Education, University of London
Miriam David, Institute of Education, University of London
Dulcie Groves, Institute of Education, University of London
Heather Joshi, Institute of Education, University of London
Pat Thane, Institute of Historical Research
Archie Dempster, Inverclyde Council/University of Glasgow
Sue Williams, Kent County Council
Lee Yong, Kent County Council
Will McMahon, Kings College London
Fay Wright, Kings College London
Richard Garside, Kings College London
Geraldine Mason, Kings College London
Peter Schofield, Kings College London
Kate Hinds, Kings Fund
Roger Lawrence, Labour leader, Wolverhampton City Council
Howard Stones, Leeds Metropolitan University
Judy White, Leeds Metropolitan University
Heather Slade, Lifelong Health and Ageing Unit
Helen Churchill, Liverpool John Moores University
Martin Baillie, London Borough of Islington
Leonie Kellaher, London Metropolitan University
Lynda Reaich, London Metropolitan University
Rita Edmond, London Metropolitan University
Jane Lewis, London Metropolitan University
Stuart Isaacs, London Metropolitan University
Evelyn Kawonza, London Metropolitan University
Nafia Shakur, London Metropolitan University
Yewnade Akinlade, London Metropolitan University
Akila Kildare, London Metropolitan University
Ganiyat Shoye, London Metropolitan University
Rosie Barrit, London Metropolitan University
Careen Osbourne, London Metropolitan University
Chantal Smithson, London Metropolitan University
Ziva Bolton, London Metropolitan University
Eugeener Mensah-Bonsu, London Metropolitan University
Mark Suku-Tamba, London Metropolitan University
Anthony Da-Silva, London Metropolitan University
Hawa Mohamud, London Metropolitan University
Zehra Suleyman, London Metropolitan University
Samah El-Bakri, London Metropolitan University
Jackie Morgan, London Metropolitan University
Shana Walters, London Metropolitan University
Terence Endeley, London Metropolitan University
Quaran Omar, London Metropolitan University
Emma Weston, London Metropolitan University
Tract Ann-Evans, London Metropolitan University
Iyabode Onaloye, London Metropolitan University
Shrina Williams, London Metropolitan University
Veronica Goncalves, London Metropolitan University
Danielle Padmore, London Metropolitan University
Liz Young, London Metropolitan University
Mariana Griffiths, London Metropolitan University
Nerissa Petrie, London Metropolitan University
Loretta Henry, London Metropolitan University
Chengetai Rinomhota, London Metropolitan University
Dawn Holmes, London Metropolitan University
Maria Romero Hidalgo, London Metropolitan University
Lucy Jalloh, London Metropolitan University
Gayatri Ruparelia, London Metropolitan University
Cathy Sullivan, London Metropolitan University
Ruth Willis, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Susanne MacGregor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Mish Ahmed-Landeryou, London South Bank University
Gillian Dransfield, London South Bank University
Jenny Husbands, London South Bank University
Jonathon Davies, London South Bank University
Maxine Jameson, London South Bank University
Rose Stark, London South Bank University
Sandra Lask, London South Bank University
Homa Zahedi, London South Bank University
Diana Case, London South Bank University
Robyn Rowe, LSE
Hartley Dean, LSE
Kitty Stewart, LSE
Dimitris Boucas, LSE
Bleddyn Davies, LSE
Alistair McGuire, LSE
Kênia Parsons, LSE
Mike Murphy, LSE
Anne Brunton, LSE
Konstantina Davaki, LSE
Rod Hick, LSE
Paola Mattei, LSE
Lorenza Antonucci, LSE
Jenny Lee, LSE
Patricia Frericks, LSE and Hamburg University
Sarah Allen, Luton Borough Council
Mary Tilki, Middlesex University
Matt Barnes, National Centre for Social Research
Joanne Maher, National Centre for Social Research
Sally McManus, National Centre for Social Research
Tony Lynes, National Pensioners Convention
Lillian Wang, National Taiwan University
Séamus Ó Cinnéide, National University of Ireland Maynooth
Faiza Shaheen, New Economics Foundation
Terry Potter, Newman University College Birmingham
Nicholas Aigbogun, NHS Birmingham East and North
Marie-Noelle Vieu, NHS Lambeth
Alex Trouton, NHS Southwark
Kay Eibert, NHS Waltham Forest
Mark Monaghan, Nuneaton Children's Service Team
Nicola Yeates, Open University
Ray Thomas, Open University
Joanna Mack, Open University
Sheila Peace, Open University
Jeanne Katz, Open University
Sandy Sieminski, Open University
Bill Bytheway, Open University
Julia Johnson, Open University
Ross Fergusson, Open University
Michihiko Tokoro, Osaka City University Japan
Matt Bowen, Our Life
Milo Vandemoortele, Overseas Development Institute
Stephanie McConville, Oxfam
Sue Smith, Oxfam UK Poverty Programme
Angela Kitching, Parliamentary Adviser, Age Concern and Help the Aged
Paul Brotherton, Paul Brotherton Consulting
Vicky Cattell, Queen Mary University London
Paddy Hillyard, Queen's University, Belfast
Ellen Owens, Reading Refugee Support Group
Steven Toole, Royal Geographical Society
Fleur Bragaglia, Salvation Army
Maria Parsons, Sanctuary Housing
Diana Wilkinson, Scottish Government
David Drew, Sheffield Hallam University
Chris Blunkell, Social Policy Association
Margaret May, Social Policy Association
Janet Lewis, Social Research Association
Roger Bullock, Social Research Unit
Mike Little, Social Research Unit
Daniel Cross, Social Security Advisory Committee
Ana Paula de Souza, Solicitors International Human Rights Group
Yunjeong Yang, St Antonys College Oxford
Malcolm Clark, The Equality Trust
Malcolm Dean, The Guardian
Harold Frayman, The Guardian
Jamie Price, The Riverside Group
Tim Madelin, Tower Hamlets PCT
Linnie Price, Toynbee Hall
Tobias Stapf, Toynbee Hall
Richard Ollerearnshaw, Toynbee Hall
Jennifer Pengilly, Toynbee Hall
Anémone Kober-Smith, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III
Alaina Lally, University College Birmingham
Christina Lancucki, University College Birmingham
Geoffrey Cook, University College Dublin
Linda, O'Halloran, University College London
Nicola Shelton, University College London
Chris Simpson, University College Plymouth St Mark & St John
Pamela Abbott, University of Aberdeen
Karen Jones. University of Bangor
Ian Gough, University of Bath
Tess Ridge, University of Bath
Ken Judge, University of Bath
Yuko Tamiya, University of Bath
Malcolm Johnson, University of Bath
Asuncion St.Clair, University of Bergen
Hilary Rose, University of Bradford
Marylynn Fyvie-Gauld, University of Brighton
David Lain, University of Brighton
Rose Smith, University of Brighton
Dave Gordon, University of Bristol
Yedith Guillén, University of Bristol
Shailen Nandy, University of Bristol
Lesley Doyal, University of Bristol
Alex Marsh, University of Bristol
Alison Shaw, University of Bristol
Hilary Land, University of Bristol
Ruth Levitas, University of Bristol
Randall Smith, University of Bristol
Simon Pemberton, University of Bristol
Audrey Lenoel, University of Bristol
Ann Singleton, University of Bristol
Christina Pantazis, University of Bristol
Pauline Heslop, University of Bristol
Rich Harris, University of Bristol
Paige Ataou, University of Bristol
Renee Stone, University of Bristol
Hugh James, University of Bristol
Angharad Funning, University of Bristol
Patricia Lucas, University of Bristol
Karen Bowler, University of Bristol
Mildred Blaxter, University of Bristol
Karen Bell, University of Bristol
Eleanor Staples, University of Bristol
Andrew Callaghan, University of Bristol
Derek Hawes, University of Bristol
Sarika Seshadri, University of Bristol
Admore Tshuma, University of Bristol
Eldin Fahmy, University of Bristol
David Bull, University of Bristol
Jennifer Landt, University of Cambridge
Simon Szreter, University of Cambridge
Sarah Jone, sUniversity of Cardiff
Paul Bywaters, University of Coventry
June Thoburn, University of East Anglia
John Thoburn, University of East Anglia
Ann McDonald, University of East Anglia
Carolyn Silberfeld, University of East London
Allyson Pollock, University of Edinburgh
Adrian Sinfield, University of Edinburgh
Eunna Lee, University of Essex
Ewen Speed, University of Essex
Joan Busfield, University of Essex
Carol Hill, University of Glasgow
Thomas Acton, University of Greenwich
Suri Thomas, University of Greenwich
Mike Marriott, University of Greenwich
Lorraine Murray, University of Hertfordshire
Roger Green, University of Hertfordshire
Peter Taylor-Gooby, University of Kent
Alganesh Messele, University of Kent
Anna Matczak, University of Kingston
Jennie Popay, University of Lancaster
Ute Kowarzik, University of Lancaster
Fiona Williams, University of Leeds
Jean Saunders, University of Limerick
Carol Walker, University of Lincoln
Margaret Whitehead, University of Liverpool
Robert Moore, University of Liverpool
Rongrong Yang, University of Liverpool
Barry Goldson, University of Liverpool
Barbara Hanratty, University of Liverpool
Louise Holmes, University of Liverpool
Sheetal Vyas, University of Loughborough
Peter Mittler, University of Manchester
Vinny Pattison, University of Manchester
Leen Vandecasteele, University of Manchester
Christian Brand, University of Manchester
Ludi Simpson, University of Manchester
Gina Taylor, University of Middlesex
Bianca Stumbitz, University of Middlesex
Spyros Themelis, University of Middlesex
John Veit-Wilson, University of Newcastle
Michael Hill, University of Newcastle
Rouf Abdur, University of Newcastle
Fouz Al-Ahmadi, University of Newcastle
Halima Sani-Katsina, University of Newcastle
Chris Durkin, University of Northampton
Andreas Hoff, University of Oxford
Teresa Smith, University of Oxford
George Smith, University of Oxford
Yuko Fujiwara, University of Oxford
Lauren Bean, University of Oxford
Paul Dornan, University of Oxford
Nigel Milham, University of Plymouth
Rachel Jarvie, University of Plymouth
Rachel Goldhill, University of Portsmouth
Sarah Cardey, University of Reading
Subrata Saha, University of Reading
Danny Dorling, University of Sheffield
Alan Walker, University of Sheffield
Dan Vickers, University of Sheffield
Dimitri Ballas, University of Sheffield
George Disney, University of Sheffield
Gemma Feerick, University of Sheffield
Mark Green, University of Sheffield
Dean Maberly, University of Sheffield
Eva Maguire, University of Sheffield
Lisa Mullett, University of Sheffield
Phillippa Newbould, University of Sheffield
Phillip Palfrey, University of Sheffield
Luke Temple, University of Sheffield
Mark Waters, University of Sheffield
Abigail Taylor, University of Sheffield
Bob Deacon, University of Sheffield
Cameron Robertson, University of Sheffield
Jane Falkingham, University of Southampton
Barbara Holler, University of Sussex
Keith Jacobs, University of Tasmania
Gráinne McKeever, University of Ulster
Nick Spencer, University of Warwick
Lynn Tang, University of Warwick
Annemarie Kane, University of Winchester
Jonathan Bradshaw, University of York
Roy Sainsbury, University of York
Anne Corden, University of York
Mariëlle Beringen, Utrecht
Susan Thomas, Welsh Assembly Government
Colin Whittington, Whittington Consultants
Dorothy Sinfield
Pratima Rao
Hannah Stranger-Jones
Dorothy Wedge
Peter Wedge
Alan Joyce
Alexander Robinson
Helen Gordon
Mary Oliver
Jonathan Barker
Christine Lee
Christopher Leak
Sharon Legate
Yvonne Robinson
Brian Groombridge
Betty Hill
Sally Leaver
Sari Quammie
Linda Hopkins
Nadine Nylander
Owen Matthews
David King
Ian Laight
Teresa Hinton
Peter Hopkins
Valerie Lipman
Jagadish Jha
Chris Mainwaring
Simon Shrimpton
Nagindas Khajuria
Stewart Lansley
Keren Lewin
Jane Streather
Salamatu Isah
Clare Ungerson
Donald Roy
Nicholas Deakin
Fred Twine
Christine Twine
M Ellams
Vicky Reed
Brian Goldfarb
Colin Burgess
Norman Bonney
Rose Pearson
Ella Gaehl
Tony Rees
David Armes


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