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MYMOP aims to measure the outcomes that the patient considers the most important.

On the first occasion the questionnaire is completed within the consultation, or with some confidential help. The patient chooses one or two symptoms that they are seeking help with, and that they consider to be the most important. They also choose an activity of daily living that is limited or prevented by this problem. These choices are written down in the patient’s own words and the patient scores them for severity over the past week on a seven-point scale. Lastly wellbeing is scored on a similar scale. On follow-up questionnaires the wording of the previously chosen items is unchanged, and follow-up questionnaires may be administered by post if required.

The latest version of the MYMOP questionnaire ( initial form (PDF, 12kB)follow up form (PDF, 11kB)), and instructions for its administration and scoring (PDF, 16kB), are available free of charge on this website. Please ensure that anyone administering MYMOP reads these instructions. The layout and wording of MYMOP should not be changed ( see FAQ).

Several published studies have shown that MYMOP is practical, reliable and sensitive to change. These studies have involved patients who have received treatment from both orthodox and complementary practitioners for a range of problems. Validation studies, especially those using qualitative methods, have helped to define the strengths and weaknesses of MYMOP, which are useful when considering if it is an appropriate tool for the job. In addition to the published studies, MYMOP has been used in a large number of smaller evaluation studies, and advice given over the years to these students and researchers is summarised on this site as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you decide to use MYMOP in audit, evaluation or research studies, big or small, please register as a user.


This site also contains information about MYCAW and other questionnaires designed for use in particular situations: MYCAW and related questionnaires.

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