Primary Care Outcomes Questionnaire

The Primary Care Outcomes Questionnaire (PCOQ) is a 24-item questionnaire designed to measure outcomes in primary care. It measures status at a point in time, with change between two points calculated as a difference in scores.

It was developed by Mairead Murphy and colleagues at the University of Bristol. The PCOQ was designed to be sensitive to outcomes which primary care patients seek and primary care clinicians can influence, and has been demonstrated to be responsive to primary care intervention.

The PCOQ is available free for non-commercial use only and is licensed under a PCOQ licence (PDF, 71kB). The terms of this licence state that the PCOQ must not be adapted, translated or otherwise adjusted without first seeking prior approval from the authors. The University of Bristol will retain rights to any adapted or translated versions. 

If you would like to use the PCOQ, please register as a user by completing the PCOQ registration form (Office document, 37kB) and returning this to: You will then be sent a licensed copy of the PCOQ. In the meantime, you can access a PCOQ review version (PDF, 479kB).

To help users of the PCOQ, we have also developed a short PCOQ user guide (PDF, 301kB), a description of the PCOQ construct (PDF, 82kB), and two scoring files, in Excel and STATA.


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