Print Submission - Departments

If you are paying with a charge code you can submit files electronically via our print submission system. The system allows you to merge and convert files to print-ready PDFs and offers various print requirement options.

If you need to organise a department-funded student hand-in, please contact us at, and we will modify the print submission system to accommodate the job. The system will then guide you through the necessary steps, including specifying print and finishing requirements, and managing the associated financial arrangements.

  • Please note that currently, the Print Submission system is only available to use if you are using a 14 character UoB charge or grant code for payment.
  • Please ensure that you only place one print order per job request.
  • The system is currently not suitable for UoB stationery orders. Please email all stationery orders to:
  • If you do experience problems with the Print submission system, please complete and submit one of our internal request form (Office document, 89kB) and email it, along with the PDF file for printing to: