Our Performance

We define success for us as company that we support achieving it's full potential.

Some early-stage companies we support, when we get 'under the bonnet', turn out to be not ready for the market, not fundable or for some other reason unlikely to become a growth business. In these cases we help the founder(s) bring the business to what we call a "controlled stop" - prior to starting trading or taking investment. We see that as a form of success.

Not all companies aim to, or need to, raise investment and not all companies grow significantly.

But of course, most of our companies do achieve their potential and become sustainable employers.

Indicators of success

So, we don't have any specific performance targets, but we do measure what we call "Indicators of success", and they are below:



Output mode of supported companies since 2007 [accessible format] 
 Output modePercentage 
Graduated - growing 21%
Graduated - lifestyle 21%
 Controlled stop  25%
Current members  24%
Bust 2%
Exit 7%

Members since 2007 by industry [accessible format]
Sector Percentage
Software 21%
Microelectronics 15%
Web 11%
Electronics 10%
Biomedical 6%
IT Hardware 3%
Mobile 3%
Fintech 3%
Healthcare 2%
Other categories of less than 1% each 26%

Breakdown of current membership [Accessible Format]

Membership TypeNumber of Companies
Virtual 25
Alumni 22
Residential 10
Pre-incubation residents 7
Associates 4