What people have said about us

"I found SETsquared, Bristol 18 months after we founded Pearl and I wish that we had met Nick, Grev and the team sooner. The advice, guidance and mentor-ship provided by the SETsquared team is top class. We have other mentors but the advice provided by SETsquared stands out and really works for a two reasons. Firstly, they listen hard and understand our challenges before tailoring advice specifically to what we need, as if they have a commercial interest in the success of the company. Secondly, they coach us on how to be better business leaders by not giving answers straight-out, but explaining how to work out the answers for ourselves."

Andrew Mulvenna, Co-founder of Brightpearl

"The SETsquared incubator at the University of Bristol gave us a fantastic platform from which to prove the science of SDS. It gave us the flexibility to expand during our initial development phase and we are very grateful to all the staff there for all the help and support they have given us over the last 2 years. Our focus now is on developing the product and getting it market."

James Foster, Founder and ex-CEO of XMOS

“Apitope has enjoyed a number of successful years in the SETsquared Centre at University Gate East and the larger premises at St Brandon’s House allow us to embark on the next phase of growth as we expand our management team, staff and business activities.”

Keith Martin, CEO, Apitope

When Alan Sugar made the statement “scientists don’t make good business people” in the semi-final of The Apprentice, I thought of Sonocent’s success and that of so many SETsquared companies. The apprentices may have been good business people but weren’t their ideas lousy? It’s true that scientists and engineers don’t naturally make good business people, but we do at least have some good innovative ideas. What SETsquared achieves magnificently is to take those ideas and the non-business people who have them, and turn us into reasonable (even good perhaps) business people as well as innovators. That is its unique contribution, and that’s why it deserves to be ranked so highly and valued by the nation. 

Roger Tucker, CEO, Sonocent