ESRC University of Bristol Peer Review Process (UPER)

From 3 March 2014, UoB ESRC proposals will be required to be submitted for peer review four weeks prior to the date of intended submission to the ESRC. The process will be overseen by RED, has been endorsed by University Research Committee and is part of UoB’s response to ESRC Demand Management agendas. A key aim is to further raise the quality of submitted proposals, and improve success rates. The diagram outlining how peer review will work can be found below.

ESRC University of Bristol Peer Review Process (UPER) diagram

This process is applicable to all ESRC proposals unless applications for a particular ESRC scheme are part of an internal/major bids competition. Where a major bids competition is in place, this will be managed by RED, and the details will be advertised widely, as soon as possible after a call is launched.