Impact funding

Bristol actively seeks to develop the impact and uses of our research beyond traditional academic outputs, often through collaborative partnerships with external organisations and businesses. Whether you’re an academic, a business or a charity, we would be interested to hear your idea and to work with you to find the relevant funding.

Developing Research Impact is a guide for academics on planning and conducting research impact. Produced by the Impact Development team in RED, it includes UK Research Council definitions of impact and guidance on generating impact from academic research.  Pathways to Impact -  guidance on costing for UK Research Council grants includes possible activities to support impact as well as advice on producing relevant costings. 

Below are funding schemes designed for a range of impact activities, and the relevant person to contact for help from our RED team.


TitleDescriptionFunding availableContactDeadline
AHRC Follow-on Funding for Impact and Engagement Scheme (FoF) Provides funds to support innovative and creative engagements with new audiences and user communities which stimulate pathways to impact. up to £100k Andrew Wray Not fixed
AHRC REACT hub Funding was available for two sandboxes: 1) Future documentary: exploring how new media is disrupting traditional documentaries 2) Objects: Involving physical objects that communicate using networked technologies. £20-50k Andrew Wray Closed
BBSRC FLIP Supports bioscientists (post PhD) to move between organisations, sectors and disciplines, exchanging knowledge and skills up to £150k Charlotte Bell Closed
BBSRC Follow-on Fund and Pathfinder Supports the translation of BBSRC-funded research into practical application, including commercialisation up to £2m Charlotte Bell Pathfinder has no deadline. Follow On Fund 15 March 2017
BBSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) Projects may include (but are not limited to)
• short exploratory projects to identify the potential impact of BBSRC research and take the first steps towards impact 
• active development of the impact of BBSRC research, that delivers or leads to benefits for a non-academic partner in any sector
• outward secondment of University of Bristol staff to a partner organisation and/or inward secondment of a partner’s staff into the University
• taking first steps towards commercialisation leading to BBSRC Follow-on proposals or similar funds
£5k - £20k

Charlotte Bell

BBSRC Industrial Partnership Award (IPA) Science-led, responsive mode grants, requiring an industrial partner to contribute at least 10% of the full economic cost   Charlotte Bell With responsive mode 27 April and 4 October 2017
BBSRC Clubs Fund innovative research in areas identified as strategically important by BBSRC and industry   Charlotte Bell  Various
BBSRC Enterprise Fellowships Fund an individual to advance the commercialisation of existing BBSRC research results or technological development   Charlotte Bell Closed
BBSRC Case Studentships Fund research training for bioscience graduates leading to a PhD, through a collaboration between academic and partner organisations.   Charlotte Bell  Various
BBSRC LINK For collaborative research with at least one company and one science-base partner (projects with SMEs are particularly favoured)  50% of the full project cost comes from industry Charlotte Bell 4 October 2017
BBSRC Exploring Innovation To support an event focussed on knowledge exchange and commercialisation.  up to £2k Charlotte Bell No deadline
Cancer Research UK Feasibility and Pilot Studies Schemes Purpose-driven preparatory studies, essential for determining the most appropriate questions for the next generation of Phase III trials. Various Research Commercialisation Team Various
Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research TRACK Award 2013 To support health related research projects which have translational/commercial potential. £15k  
EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) - Knowledge Transfer Secondments (KTS) For secondments to/from the University, part-time or full-time for any researcher, academic or external collaborator. up to £50k

Lisa Kehoe  or Michael Reilly

14 August 2017 and 23 October 2017 For further dates as arranged, see 

EPSRC IAA - Exploratory awards  For projects that build the earliest stages of impact. up to £15k

Lisa Kehoe  or Michael Reilly

14 August 2017 and 23 October 2017 For further dates as arranged, see 
EPSRC IAA - Commercialisation awards For projects with a clear commercial opportunity and route to market; to develop specific commercial opportunities, enabling partners and investors to advance the Technology Readiness Level of research. (Proposals must be developed with the University's Research Commercialisation team). up to £60k

Lisa Kehoe  or Michael Reilly

14 August 2017 and 23 October 2017 For further dates as arranged, see 
EPSRC IAA - Faculty Impact Travel For travel and workshops that further impact in the Faculties of Science and Engineering.  up to £500 Lisa Kehoe or Michael Reilly  
European Research Council Proof of Concept 2017

To enable ERC-funded ideas to be brought to a pre-demonstration
stage where potential commercialisation opportunities have been identified.


up to €150k


Tiernan Williams

25 April and 5 September 2017 
ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) - Impact Travel Award For visits to stakeholders to explore impact opportunities and contextualise research findings, managed by PolicyBristol. up to £500 PolicyBristol
Ad hoc applications until 2019
ESRC IAA - Exploratory Impact Award For short exploratory projects to identify the potential impact of specific research and/or take the first steps towards impact. £1k - £3k

Esther Brown

7 September 2017
ESRC IAA - Impact Project Award For projects that develop the impact and emerging opportunities for ipact of social science research, and deliver or lead to benefits for non-academic partners in any sector. up to £20k

Esther Brown

7 September 2017
ESRC IAA - Knowledge Exchange Fellowship Award For supporting inward and/or outward people exchange to achieve impact from social science research by enabling collaboration with policymakers and partnership organisations as well as the development of partnerships and networks. Up to £20k for Outward Fellows / allowable expenses plus formal status for Inward Fellows

Esther Brown

7 September 2017
InnovateUK Collaborative R&D An excellent way of developing partnerships and applied research. £30k - £1m (The University is limited to 30% of the project) Andrew Wray and Frances Frith Various
InnovateUK Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) A KTP is a three-way partnership between a business, UK university or college and a recently qualified graduate. SMEs receive 67% and larger companies 50% of total costs Frances Frith Various
MRC Biomedical Catalysts (DPFS) Supports pre-clinical and clinical development of therapies, devices and diagnostics as well as regenerative medicine therapies. Various John Halliwell Various
MRC Technology - Call for Targets (MRCT) MRCT will lead on development and commercialisation of small molecule or antibody therapeutic for you drug target as a route to impact £0 John Halliwell 3 deadlines per year – not fixed
MRC Confidence in Concept and Proximity to Discovery Larger proof of concept studies providing robust evidence to funders of the feasibility of a proposed solution to a health, clinical or product development need. £20k - £100k  John Halliwell Coming soon in 2017
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) RISE covers EU (inter-sectoral) and International (same or inter-sectoral), exchanges for staff working on common research/Innovation projects. Staff member allowance 2000pp/pmth, institutional cost for research, training & networking:800, management and overheads: 700 Tiernan Williams Closed
NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowships Funding to work on an individual proposal within a host research organisation, or within a science programme, a business or market sector to accelerate impact   Michael Reilly 27 April 2017
NERC Follow-on Fund The Follow-on Fund call was run as a pilot in Autumn 2014, for development projects lasting between 3 and 24 months. Up to £250k Michael Reilly Closed
NIHR Invention for Innovation: Acceleration, product development and challenge awards Aims to support and advance the research and development of innovative healthcare technologies and their translation into the clinical environment for the benefit of patients.  Various Research Commercialisation Team  Various
Policy Bristol Support Scheme Supports academics to enhance the policy impact of their research. Previous funding has been awarded for films to reach policy audiences, networking events inviting policy-makers, and travel to meet government officials. £1k-3k

Public Engagement Seed Funding Aims to enable University of Bristol academics to carry out engagement activities with publics and communities that lead to outcomes beyond the activity itself.  Targeted to those unable to access other sources of funding for engagement. Up to £1000

Chloe Anderson (Engineering)

Mireia Bes i Garcia (Arts, Science, Health Sciences)

Kat Wall (Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences and Law)

No deadlines
Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships Funding and support for engineering researchers to develop a spin-out business from their technological idea up to £85k Lisa Kehoe Closed
Royal Society Industry Fellowships Funds knowledge transfers in science and technology between industry and academia. Salary plus contribution to research costs Andrew Wray Closed
Royal Society - Brian Mercer Funds scientists to develop an already proven concept or prototype into a near market product ready for commercial exploitation   Andrew Wray Closed
STFC Follow-On Fund and Innovations Partnership Scheme Provides financial support at the very early or pre-seed stage of turning research outputs into a commercial proposition. NB industry partners are not allowed for the Follow-on Fund. If you have an industry partner, look at the IPS Scheme (Innovations Partnership Scheme). FoF; £110K (at 100% fEC) for up to one year.


Charlotte Belll

13 September 2017




STFC Impact Acceleration Account Funding to foster innovation from STFC-funded research and capabilities at Bristol. £5-£20k (smaller and larger proposals also considered) Charlotte Bell Closed
Wellcome Trust Technology Transfer funding

Six funding schemes: Translation Fund, Innovative Engineering for Health, Seeding Drug Discovery, R&D for Affordable Healthcare in India, Pathfinder Awards and the Health Innovation Challenge Fund.



Research Commercialisation Team