Impact Development

What we do

The Impact Development Team generates the resources, collaborations, and capacity for researchers to deliver impact. We work with academics to shape plans for research impact, increasing economic and societal benefits; and with Faculties and Schools to propose strategies and priorities in specific disciplines and sectors. The team has five key responsibilities: 

   1. Develop complex, large industry driven bids 

Managers in the Impact Development team lead RED’s support by convening or joining agile teams, working closely with academic leaders and liaising with external organisations.  

   2. Support knowledge exchange, innovation and impact funding bids 

The team supports academic- and business-led proposals to InnovateUK, all seven Research Councils, the Wellcome Trust, NIHR, the Industrial Strategy and others. We help shape project objectives and define Knowledge Exchange methodologies, as well as advising on how to win the grant.  

   3. Win and deliver devolved impact funds 

The university currently holds several Impact Acceleration Accounts that support a variety of different types of projects, from exploratory, to proof-of concept, to secondments to commercialisation projects amongst others.  

   4. Create a pipeline of impact for REF 2028 

Almost 75% of REF2021 case studies were supported by the teamOur most common contributions include shaping the earliest stages of a programme, securing funds, and offering training/mentoring. In the run up to each REF the team can support individual case studies by acting as reviewers and offering advice on how to write and secure evidence. 

   5. Build Capacity for all the above 

Our ambition is to create skills and bidding capacity for the activities above. We design our training with colleagues in Research CommercialisationPublic Engagement and PolicyBristol according to the needs of each research group or School.  

Get in touch with the Impact Development contact for your Faculty to discuss any ideas you may have for a project, any training requirements you may have, or have a look at our Impact Funding page to see what funding is currently available. Our team is ready to support you. 

Prospective partners

Visit our Business and Partnerships pages to find out more about different ways to work with the University or contact one of our team below.  


Andrew Wray - Head of Impact Development & REF Impact Lead 

Faculty of Arts 

Alice Malhador - Impact Development Associate 

Faculty of Engineering  

Phil Plumber - Impact Development Associate 

Lucy Beck - Impact Development Officer 

Faculty of Health Sciences  

John HalliwellImpact Development Manager 

Len Kelleher Senior Research Associate in Translational Research 

Susie Maier - Translational Research Facilitator 

Haley Pearson - Impact Development Events Officer  

Faculty of Life Sciences  

Lisa KehoeImpact Development Manager 

Len Kelleher Senior Research Associate in Translational Research 

Susie Maier - Translational Research Facilitator 

Haley Pearson - Impact Development Events Officer  

Faculty of Science  

Gareth Pugh Research Impact & Knowledge Exchange Manager 

Katie CooperImpact Development Associate 

Lucy Beck - Impact Development Officer 

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law  

Eloise MellerImpact Development Manager 

Nikki Hicks Impact Development Officer 


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