ESRC Impact Acceleration Account 2019-2023

We are delighted to have won a second ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) for the University, funded from 2019 to 2023. Applications are welcome from all disciplines and faculties and from PhD students to senior academics. Please see details below and contact the RED Knowledge Exchange Associate (KEA) for your faculty or Eloise Meller to discuss your ideas. 

The research underlying an IAA application does not need to have been ESRC-funded but the application must demonstrate how the proposed project is rooted in and driven by social science research, and how the research leads to the impact of the proposed project, partnership and outcome(s).   

ESRC IAA Awards 

See ESRC IAA 2019-23 Guidelines for detailed information.

Exploratory Impact Awards average £3,000 and are to explore potential routes to impact and partnerships, to identify the potential impact of specific research and/or take the first steps towards impact.

Knowledge Exchange Fellowships awards up to £16,000 are for continuous or part-time inward and/or outgoing exchanges with non-academic partners to enable academics and external partners to work closely and create impact from existing research. Incoming Fellows from government, NGOs or businesses have honorary staff status. Outgoing academics will have their salary or teaching cover funded. Awards will also fund allowable expenses for both incoming and/or outgoing academics and their partners.

Impact Project Awards up to £16,000 enable a wide range of impactful activities led by an academic PI working with non-academic partner(s). Projects are expected to produce specific deliverables such as physical or software prototypes or products, toolkits, training packages, business processes or policy recommendations.

Rapid Impact Travel Awards average £500 and are for visits to stakeholders or potential partners to explore impact opportunities and contextualise research findings.

PhD Networking Awards average £300 and are for PhD students to begin translating research into impact.

PhD and ECR Placement Awards average £2,000 and are for PhD students and ECRs (researchers within 10 years of PhD submission) to begin translating research into impact. Applications for these awards will open shortly.

Funding for IAA Business Boost Awards has now finished. If you are considering a project that involves working with a business, please see the Awards above and/or contact Eloise Meller to discuss your idea.

Submitting your Application

Exploratory, Knowledge Exchange Fellowships and Impact Project applications will be submitted to a Funding Panel, with Impact and KEF applications reviewed by external Peer Reviewers. Confirmed submission deadlines and Funding Panel Meeting dates are below. We aim to notify applicants of Panel decisions within two weeks of the meeting.

             Submission deadline 10th October 2019 for funding Panel Meeting 31st October 2019

             (Subsequent deadlines and Funding Panel meetings 2020-2023 will be posted here when confirmed)

Rapid Impact Travel and PhD Networking applications can be submitted for review and decisions at any time. RED will lead the review and aim to notify applicants of the decision within two weeks of the submission.

PhD and ECR Placement applications will open shortly and forms will be available through this webpage.  

Please contact Eloise Meller with any queries or to discuss your ideas, and send your completed application form to Nikki Hicks.  



We strongly encourage you to contact Eloise Meller RED KEA Social Sciences or Policy Bristol to discuss your ideas or if you have any queries.

Other resources that may be helpful in shaping your IAA Project application are:




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