EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account


The EPSRC IAA schemes below are open to all disciplines across the University where researchers have prior EPSRC funding through a grant or doctorate. For more details see the Application Guidelines and relevant application form below.

For more information on the EPSRC IAA or if you have other project ideas for applying your research with and/or for external audiences and commnunities, please contact Lucy Beck (eligibility and submission process),
Phil Plumber (proposal development, Engineering Faculty) and Michael Reilly (proposal development, Science Faculty) in Research and Enterprise Development (RED). 

You may also find it helpful to see the University's current and previous EPSRC IAA projects, or our Research Impact Stories (some of them directly related to EPSRC research) or University News items. 

Submission deadlines - This call is now closed

Schemes and application forms

Knowledge Transfer Secondment awards 

Up to £50k for secondments to/from the University, part-time or full-time for any researcher, academic or external collaborator.

Knowledge Transfer Secondment application form

Exploratory Impact awards 

Up to £15k for projects that build the earliest stages of impact.

Exploratory Impact award application form

Early Career Researcher Kickstarter awards

Up to £5,000 for Early Career Researchers to build the earliest stages of impact for example, developing impact plans, external partnerships, and generally taking the first steps in translating research before moving onto larger projects.

Early Career Researcher Kickstarter Awards application form

Software Impact Awards

Up to £10k for facilitating impact through software and algorithms using the University’s Research IT Software Developer team to deliver the project outputs.

- Software Impact Award application form

Commercialisation awards 

Up to £60k for projects with a clear commercial opportunity and a route to market. These awards are to develop specific commercial opportunities, enabling partners and investors to advance the Technology Readiness Level of research. These proposals must be developed with the University's Research Commercialisation team.

Commercialisation application form

Networking awards

Up to £700 for travel and subsistence to explore impact opportunities with non-academic stakeholders.

 - Networking application form