Awarded EPSRC IAA projects 2017-20

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Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths (SCEEM)

Dr Alin Achim, Exploratory award for BLINE: Automated Boundary Detection and Line Identification in Speckle Images with Toshiba Medical Systems UK (now Canon Medical Systems UK)

Professor Mark Beach, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Low cost 5G millimetre wave Over the Air (OTA) device testing with Keysight Technologies Inc

Professor Dave Bull, Exploratory award for Standardisation of ViSTRA video compression technology

Professor Dave Bull, Exploratory award for Media Immersion Measurement Service (MIMS) with BBC R&D and Aardman Animations

Professor Stuart Burgess, Exploratory award for Super-efficient chain drives: Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition with Renold Chain

Dr Andrew Calway, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Automated nanoscale characterisation of atomic force microscope probe tips with Nu Nano Ltd 

Dr Kirsten Cater, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Future Ethics in Quantum and VR: developing creative engagement techniques, performances and resources with Kilter Theatre

Professor Ian Craddock, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Accelerated Clinical Impact from SPHERE and EurVALVE with North Bristol NHS Trust

Xenofon Fafoutis, Networking award for Array of Things (AoT)

Dr Sabine Hauert, Exploratory award for Swarm-themed escape room: Impacting public opinion on swarm robotics towards implementing real-world applications with Festival of the Future City

Dr Lenka Pitonakova, Early Career Kickstarter award for Sketch BDRML: An Algorithm Modelling Tool for Multi-Agent Systems with Thales

Dr Nathan Lepora, Commercialisation award for Tactile Smart Grasping System with Shadow Robot Company

Professor Kevin Morris, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Efficient 5G Transmitter Secondment with Sony Europe Ltd

Professor John Rarity, Exploratory award for The Light Entanglement: A Quantum Photonics Graphic Novel (Chapter 1- Pilot Episode) with Knowle West Media Centre, Hamilton House and North Bristol Community Project.

Professor Jonathan Rossiter, Commercialisation award for Dielectrophoretic Liquid Zipping Actuators: towards commercialisation

Dr Raul Santos-Rodriguez, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Machine learning for intensive care decision support with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Robert Smith, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Early adoption of ultrasonic algorithms for 2D weave classification and distortion mapping in composites with Renault Sport Racing Ltd and Exploratory award for Enhanced Non-destructive Imaging of Marine Composites 

Mr Gabor Soter, Exploratory award for Complia Digital Music with Amalgam Modelmaking Ltd

Dr Bernard Stark, Commercialisation award for Zero Power Detector – Spin Out Company Formation with 2D Consulting Ltd 

Dr Olivia Stodieck, Early Career Kickstarter award for Investigating the industrial application of a modular beam for performance improvements in unmanned aircraft with SME, Trokili 

Dr Rostand B. Tayong, Exploratory award for Application of the Unit Cell Technique to Ultrasonic NDT of 3D Woven Composites with Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre 

Mr Benjamin Ward-Cherier, Early Career Kickstarter award for Neuromorphic Tactile Sensor with iniVation

Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (CAME)

Dr Jonathan Belnoue, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Improving composite part quality through validated real-time simulations with BAE systems 

Dr Steven Burrow, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Novel power converter structures for micro energy harvesting and wireless sensing applications with Trameto Ltd

Professor Jonathan Cooper, Exploratory award for Feasibility Study on the Use of Fibre Steered Composite Skins for Advanced Air Vehicle Configurations with BAE systems 

Dr Harry Coules, Early Career Kickstarter award for Exploiting new results in defect analysis to improve structural integrity assessment with Shell

Dr Jason Jiang, Exploratory awards for Suppression of Offshore Wind Turbine Nacelle and Foundation Vibrations Using Inerter-based absorbers with Atkins and Enhancing the pantograph-catenary dynamics using advanced passive damping technology with Brecknell Willis

Dr James Kratz, Exploratory award for Infusion of integrated structures with partially cured elements with Airbus

Professor Nick Lieven, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Intelligent Condition Monitoring for Power Generation Industries with Beran Instruments

Professor Stuart Burgess, Exploratory award for Super-efficient chain drives: Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition with Renold Chain

Professor Bruce Drinkwater, Commercialisation award for Metasonics

Professor Stephen Hallett, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Design Software Tools for Automated Fibre Placement Composite Fan Blades with Rolls-Royce PLC

Professor Ben Hicks, Exploratory award for Application of the Urban-ID Systems and Co-production Approach to the Bristol ‘One City Plan’ with Bristol City Council

Dr Eric Kim, Exploratory award for Improvement of High-performance Formula One Race-car Components using Fibre Steering Technology with Renault Sport Racing

Dr Francesca Pianosi, Exploratory award for Developing a Python version of the SAFE toolbox to accelerate the uptake of Sensitivity Analysis in industry with Oasis LFM ltd

Dr Ges Rosenberg, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Urban-ID 'Living Lab' Approach to the Bristol One-City Plan with Bristol City Council

Professor Robert Smith, Exploratory award for Enhanced Non-destructive Imaging of Marine Composites with Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd, AEL, Marine Concepts Ltd, BAE Systems Naval Ships, QinetiQ Ltd, Landrover BAR, Wavelength NDT, National Composites Centre (NCC), Lloyds Register.

Dr Olivia Stodieck, Early Career Kickstarter award for Application of an aeroelastically tailored Z-beam wing for performance improvements on an unmanned aircraft with Trokili Ltd

Dr Adam Thompson, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for SimTex - Modelling the next generation of textile composites with Rolls-Royce PLC

School of Biochemisty

Dr Steven Burston, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Development of Prototype High-Throughput Liquid Handling Protocols to Industrial Standards with Zentraxa Ltd

Dr Paul Race, Exploratory award for Use of peptides as novel adhesives

School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Professor Adam Perriman, Commercialisation award for Development of a modular chemistry-based platform for cell membrane reengineering 

School of Chemistry

Professor Mike Ashfold, Exploratory award, Improving atom efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emission during diamond chemical vapour deposition (CVD) with Element Six Ltd

Dr Wuge Briscoe, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Eco-friendly formulation for laid snow foams: From molecular understanding to Hollywood film set with Snow Business 

Professor Craig Butts, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Accelerating Drug-Discovery with Improved Empirical NMR Equations with C4X Discovery

Professor Jonathan Clayden, Commercialisation award for Route to Market for Quaternary Alpha Aryl Amino Acids (Q4As) with MilliporeSigma

Professor Anthony Davis, Commercialisation award. 

Professor David Fermin, Commercialisation award for Semi-transparent and flexible inorganic photovoltaic solar cells with DST Innovations 

Dr Neil Fox, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Linking Bristol NanoESCA to Diamond Light Source Beamlines with Diamond Light Source and Exploratory award for Isotopically enriched diamond coatings for PCB drill bits with Unit DX

Professor Carmen Galan, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Fluorescent Carbon Dots as probes for rapid detection of bacteria in physiological samples with FluoretiQ Ltd and Gateshead Health NHS

Dr Adam Perriman, Commercialisation award for Development of a modular chemistry-based platform for cell membrane reengineering (1) with Consilium Bio Ltd

Dr Adam Perriman, Commercialisation award for Development of a modular chemistry-based platform for cell membrane reengineering (2) with Cytoseek 

School of Earth Sciences

Dr Richard Brooker, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Assessing the toxicity potential of deep sea mining of polymetallic sulphides in the Indian Ocean for the German Federal Government with the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Germany

Dr Simon Kohn, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for QUIDDIT, software for automated fitting of infrared spectra of diamonds, to distinguish natural, treated and synthetic gemstones with De Beers Technologies

Dr Luke Wedmore, Exploratory award for PREPARE_Malawi_Impact with Arup Group Ltd

School of Geographical Sciences

Professor Paul Bates, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Using hydrological and statistical models to improve Fathom’s understanding of flood spatial dependence globally with Fathom

School of Mathematics

Professor Carl Dettman, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Energy Efficient Adaptive Communications Technology for the Proximity links of NASA Space Networks with JPL

Dr Amogh Rajanna, Early Career Kickstarter award for Power Efficient Adaptive Coding Schemes for Space Communication Systems with University of Mississippi

Professor Andrew Hogg, Exploratory award for Topographic uncertainty in the assessment of flood risk with JBA Trust

Dr Jacob Langham, Exploratory award for Engaging audiences with creative expressions of mathematics with Creative Reactions 

School of Oral and Dental Sciences

Dr Michele Barbour, Knowledge Transfer Secondment award for Resilient, wear-proof films for sustained maintenance of an anti-infective environment with Pertinax Pharma Ltd

School of Physics

Dr Lana Beck, Commercialisation award for Enhancing the value of MAPS for radiotherapy with VivaMOS Ltd and Exploratory award for Machine learning for radiotherapy verification

Dr Tomas Martin, Exploratory award for Enabling the dry chemical analysis of radioisotopes for nuclear forensics using atom probe tomography 

Professor Tom Scott, Exploratory award for Crawling Around in the Winfrith (Radioactive) Pipeline with Magnox and ImiTec Ltd 

School of Vetinary Science

Dr Laslo Talas, Early Career Kickstarter award for Automatic disease detection in racehorses using low-cost thermography and machine learning


Find also EPSRC IAA awarded projects from 2012-17