NERC Impact Acceleration Account

From May 2013 to Dec 2015, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) awarded £270k pilot impact acceleration funding to the University. The primary objective was to strengthen interaction between NERC funded science and the business community to accelerate and amplify the impact of NERC science.

Sixteen awards of £5,000-20,000 involving 20 external partners were made to support diverse knowledge exchange and commercialisation activities: product design and product testing, market research, applying natural hazard research with businesses, secondments, and producing resources for dissemination to business and the public.

The funds were distributed through an internal competition and panel review managed by the University's Research and Enterprise Development Division (RED).

The full list of awards is as follows:

Biological Sciences

Professor Gareth Jones for ‘Developing lights that minimise the attraction of nuisance and pest insects’ with Integral LED (Integral Memory PLC)

Professor Jane Memmott for ‘Greater Water Parsnip: A case-study in collaboration to bridge the research-implementation gap in conservation ecology’ with Somerset Wildlife Trust, Natural England and Avon Wildlife Trust

Professor Richard Wall for ‘Ticks and tick-borne disease: sheep farmer knowledge-transfer in South West England’ and ‘Demonstrating the value of invertebrate decomposer services in farmland ecosystems’ with Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm Ltd


Professor Rich Pancost for ‘Climate lessons from earth history: lessons of political value to the renewable energy sector?' A secondment with Regen South West and for 'Maximising the value of Cabot Institute research for stakeholders and end users'.

Earth Sciences

Dr Juliet Biggs for ‘Using magmatic and geothermal data to inform geothermal energy production in Ethiopia' with Rekjavik Power and Ethiopian Electrical Power Co-operation (EEPCo).

Dr Susanna Ebmeier for Global Volcano Deformation Online with lnsitituto Geofisico and The Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica

Dr Joachim Gottsmann and Dr Jaap Velthuis for ‘Muon radiography for volcano monitoring and nuclear applications’ with Fine Glass Finishers Ltd.

Dr Edward Hornibrook for ‘Prototype automated trace gas system for validation of carbon credits in Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes’ with South West Water Plc.

Professor Michael Kendall for ‘Accelerating the impact of natural resources research at Bristol’

Professor Stephen Sparks for ‘Identifying high-risk volcanoes’ with United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Munich RE Group, Willis Group and Risk Management Solutions (RMS).

Geographical Sciences

Professor Jemma Wadham ‘Wireless Sensors for the Water Industry (WISWI): technology transfer and development of roaming sensors’ with Wavelength Environmental, Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency and 'Wireless Sensors for the Water Industry 2 (WISWI2): testing and technology transfer of roaming sensors' with Wavelength Environmental and Westcountry Rivers Trust.

Professor Paul Bates for ‘Commercialisation of flood risk products for insurance markets’.

Dr Jeffrey Neal ‘Accelerating LISFLOOD-FP impact’ with SSBN Flood Risk Solutions Ltd