Research consultancy

Academics are able to provide clients with consultancy services, subject to their availability when balancing their other responsibilities in teaching, research and enterprise.

Consultancy is the provision of expert/professional advice to external clients using only existing knowledge, whether an academic’s, the University’s or the client’s.  Generally only the academic’s expertise and skills are needed.

Work is classified as research whenever it involves the creation of knowledge, regardless of how it is funded.  Research and consultancy are handled in a different ways, both administratively and financially, by the University

Consultancy may be provided by:

The cost of employing an academic for consultancy will vary very widely, depending on the nature of the work, the seniority of the academic, the number of days contracted and the type of contract. 

Consultancy may involve the use of University equipment, facilities or staff.  Where this is the case, the University will wish to negotiate market rates for such provision.  If they are used as part of personal consultancy, then a separate (services rendered) contract will need to be agreed between the academic and the University.

Find detailed guidance on undertaking consultancy (UoB only, Word, 44 Kb).