STFC IAA awarded projects

Jean Golding Institute

Professor Katharine Robson Brown

 (2018-19) Sharing expertise in data science to address challenges relevant to the African context with Strathmore University

School of Chemistry

Professor Julian Easthoe

(2018-19) Next generation lubricants for low-emission vehicle engines with Infineum UK Limited

School of Physics

Dr Lana Beck

(2018-19) Enhancing the value of MAPS for radiotherapy with VivaMOS Ltd

Professor Mark Birkinshaw

(2015-18) Application of astronomical time-series analysis to vehicle collision data with Concirrus Ltd 

Professor Malcolm Bremer

(2014-16) Light-years to nanoscale using astronomy software algorithms to characterise and analyse AFM data.

Dr David Cussans

(2015-16) MRI Compatible Micro-neurography with Staplethorne Ltd 

(2016-17) Transmissive Diamond Dynodes for Photo-detectors with ET Enterprises Ltd

Dr Joachim Gottsmann and Dr Jaap Velthuis

(2014-15) Muon radiography for volcano monitoring and nuclear applications with Fine Glass Finishers Ltd

Dr Anna Kopp

(2018-19) Muon tomography for inspection of civil and nuclear structures with Cavendish Nuclear Limited

Dr Ryan Page

(2014-18) Combining Upstream and Downstream Dosimetry Modalities for Image Guided Radiotherapy

(2016-17) A novel approach to IMRT dosimetry 

Dr Jaap Velthuis

(2014-16) Cosmic ray nuclear waste drum scanning with Fine Glass Finishers Ltd

(2015-16) Wireless Sensor Architecture with Birdworld 

(2016-17) Diamond Dosimeters for Radiotherapy with Semefab Ltd and Detector and Sensor Technologies Ltd

(2016-18) Detection of gas bubbles in nuclear waste storage drums using muon tomography

(2016-17) Physics Roadshow

(2016-18) Nuclear secondment

(2017-18) Muon tomography for the oil and gas sector