Dr Emily Crick

BA Hons, MSc, PhD

Dr Emily Crick

Dr Emily Crick
Policy Bristol Associate
Assistant Teacher

1 Cathedral Square, Bristol,
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Telephone Number (0117) 42 84465

Research and Enterprise Development


Emily currently works at PolicyBristol where she supports academics from the Faculties of Arts and Social Science and Law to engage with policymakers.

She completed her PhD in the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies (SPAIS) at the University of Bristol in 2018.  Her thesis title is 'Security and the drug control dispositif: analysing the construction of drugs as an existential threat to humankind and the nation state' and it analyses the securitization of drugs by the UN and the US within a broader dispositif of control.  Her examiners were Professor Jutta Weldes(University of Bristol) and Professor Jim Mills (University of Strathclyde).

Emily has worked as a researcher on drug policy issues since 2008.  She spent two years as a research associate at Transform Drug Policy Foundation where she contributed to ‘After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation’.  She also spent a year as a research assistant at the Global Drug Policy Observatory based at Swansea University where she wrote briefings on cannabis policy reform in the US.  

She also has a long-held interest in cricket and peace-building and cricket and identity in South Asia.  She has published her research on these areas, for example, Contact Sport: Cricket in India-Pakistan Relations Since 1999 (2009) in the South Asian Survey journal and Cricket and Indian National Consciousness (2007).


Policy engagement


Emily is currently an Associate Tutor in the School of Policy Studies where she teaches on the undergraduate unit 'Drugs and Society' SPOL21011/SPOL30011

Key publications

  1. Crick, E, 2019, ‘Re-thinking the 'War on Drugs': Reagan's Militarization of Drug Control’. in: Susannah Wilson (eds) Prohibitions and Psychoactive Substances in History, Culture and Theory. Routledge, pp. 150-169
  2. Crick, E, Kushlick, D & Saunter, N, 2016, ‘Count the Costs of the War on Drugs: The War on Drugs: undermining peace and security’. Transform
  3. Crick, E, Bewley-Taylor, D & Cooke, M, 2014, ‘Selling cannabis regulation: Learning From Ballot Initiatives in the United States in 2012’. Global Drug Policy Observatory
  4. Crick, E, Haase, HJ & Bewley-Taylor, D, 2013, ‘Legally regulated cannabis markets in the US: Implications and Possibilities’. Global Drug Policy Observatory
  5. Crick, E, 2012, ‘Drugs as an existential threat: An analysis of the international securitization of drugs’. International Journal of Drug Policy, vol 23., pp. 407?414
  6. Crick, E, 2011, ‘Drugs and well-being: Prohibition's negative aspects’. in: Julia Buxton (eds) The Politics of Narcotic Drugs: A Survey. Routledge, London, pp. 150-167
  7. Crick, E, 2009, ‘Contact Sport: Cricket in India-Pakistan Relations Since 1999’. South Asian Survey, vol 16., pp. 59-79

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