Commercialising research

As a member of the Bristol University community you may have opportunities to disseminate your work through commercial channels for greater economic or social impact. Our experienced team members are ready to help you, so please contact us.

The breadth and depth of University activities means that we can advise and collaborate in a wide variety of situations where there is a commercial aspect. We will work with you to develop a flexible plan that is tailored to the needs of your project and will make the most of any commercial opportunities. 

Our team can advise you on how to make the most of a "technology transfer" opportunity, where there is an invention or new technological development involved.  We can also assist with the commercialisation of software, media, and other copyright materials, and can provide general business guidance.

Please browse our guide to how we work, which explains the main stages of the process. Please bear in mind that particular stages will not always apply, and that there are decision points along the way. Our team will collaborate with you to develop a flexible plan tailored for your project opportunity