Early results with commercial potential

If during your research you identify opportunities, please contact us.   A member of our team will meet you and collect some details, including how the work arose, who was involved, any existing collaborations or commercial connections, and, not least, the stage of development of the work.   It is very helpful for us to be able to see demonstrations, proofs of concept and any published (or in draft) materials that help explain the work and illustrate its potential. 

Before publishing work with commercial potential it is important to consider the possibility of patents.  Publishing can take many forms including papers, journals and magazines, conference abstracts, theses, webpages, poster displays, exhibitions and open days and casual conversations.  Any form of publication of an invention means it can no longer be regarded as novel, and therefore cannot generally be patented.

In many situations, where the work is of a scientific or technological nature, patents are vital to protect the interests of partners and investors.   Patenting need not unduly delay or conflict with the normal process of academic publication.

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