Royalty distribution

As well as the impact of commercialisation, any financial return coming back to the University is subject to the regulations.   Distribution of royalties is governed by the revenue sharing scheme.

Briefly, any royalties are shared by the contributors in the University community, their department and the University.  “Contributor” here means the inventors/authors and those other academic staff and students directly contributing to the commercialisation.   "Contributor" will not include members of staff whose normal duties include support for commercialisation (e.g. RED staff, heads of school, etc.).  We ask that the senior members put together a list of all the contributors, and that the group as a whole agree a division of their contributions so the total adds up to 100%.  It is advisable that this be done well before commercialisation is achieved and any distribution is in prospect.  Our staff can provide guidance on how best to do this especially in complex cases.  

When royalties become due RED arranges to collect the funds from the licensee and distribute them. 

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