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Infinitesima is leading the way in non-vacuum nano-scale imaging technology Today's nano-scale imaging solutions suffer from long imaging times, or the restrictions of using a vacuum chamber. Atmospheric techniques, such as Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), have imaging times which can often be as long as five minutes or more for a single image. This renders the technique unusable in high-throughput applications such as manufacturing processes and significantly limits the amount of data which can be gathered in research. Electron-beam techniques, such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), work only in high-vacuum chambers. These techniques can be cumbersome to use when loading and unloading samples and can also present problems for many sample materials. Samples must also be electrically conductive. Rapid Probe Microscopy (RPM™) solves both of these problems by taking images in a fraction of a second in the open atmosphere. No vacuum chamber is required. RPM™ is a non-destructive process which is compatible with a wide range of samples. The process has wide applicability to existing markets.

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