Social Care ethics

The Social Care REC (SCREC) reviews adult social care research study proposals from researchers based in England. Its membership, expertise and procedures have been developed to reflect the social care context. SCREC is part of the National Research Ethics Service (NRES).

The following principles suggest the type of studies the SCREC will expect to review:

SCREC does not consider research that falls outside the above categories. For any other research you should consider ethical review by a NHS REC or University ethics committee.

The Social Care REC operates to a wider interpretation of ‘research’ than may apply in the NHS. For example, most service evaluations would be accepted as suitable for review by the Social Care REC. Investigators and sponsors may have a number of reasons for seeking REC review (such as vulnerable participants; wanting advice on consent procedures; ability to reassure publications editors).

How do I apply?

An application for review by the SCREC is made on the IRAS system (Integrated Research Application System). The IRAS system and SCREC website contain much information about the application process including guidance on the format for consent forms and information sheets.

Details of how to contact the SCREC Coordinator can be found on the SCREC website.

We will review your application before submission to offer conditional sponsorship and provide support and guidance for a streamlined submission (how to tell us about your study). Your application will also need to be reviewed by the Insurance Office prior to submission and an insurance certificate will be issued. Please contact all parties as early as possible so that they can help you effectively.