Pure and ORCID

A researcher can create an ORCID from Pure or connect an existing ORCID to Pure. A daily export can be set up to update ORCID whenever a published output is added to Pure.  Note that an Editor of Person records can only add an existing ORCID to Pure on behalf of a researcher, they can't create an ORCID on behalf of a researcher.

Guidance for a researcher

Guidance for an Editor of Person records

What are the benefits of connecting ORCID and Pure?

  • Your ORCID iD will appear on Explore Bristol Research;
  • An official University affiliation and a link to EBR will be added to your ORCID entry;
  • Your ORCID list of works will be updated whenever you add an output to Pure;
  • The University can use your iD to help identify your full research portfolio.