What are Pure and Explore Bristol Research

Research is a core part of the University of Bristol business, and a system is required to enable us to collect, organise and integrate data about our research activity and performance.

Pure is the University Research Information System and institutional repository, and Explore Bristol Research (EBR) the only Pure-driven public website. EBR includes profiles for all Bristol researchers, including you unless you request otherwise. Your EBR profile should update immediately after updating your Pure profile.

What Pure/EBR aren't
Note your EBR page is your only Pure-driven public profile. Your profile on your School/Faculty website sits on a different system called People Profiler. The Profiler system will source from Pure 1) your photo, 2) research description and 3) publications, and it could take up to 48h to get updated after updating your profile in Pure. We do not support the Profiler, but queries are welcome.

3 reasons why you should use Pure/EBR

Pure is also used for reporting on research data, supporting the University REF submission, etc.

Follow the link to getting started.