Pure news and future developments

23rd Oct '17: Pure/EBR interruption

Today at 8:00 am Pure and Explore Bristol Research (EBR) were interrupted to allow for essential IT maintenance to be carried out. This was intended as a short interruption, however, part of the firewall configuration was lost which prevented the service from being restored. Pure and EBR were available again by midday. IT Services are now carrying out additional work to ensure service stability. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption. Remember to join us on Twitter @BristolUniPure to get the latest updates.

27th Sep '17: Pure performance work

As you may have experienced, Pure and Explore Bristol Research (EBR) have been very unstable since December 2016. Instabilities were causing a degraded performance, which was resulting in occasional (partial or total) loss of the service. Since the spring 2017 have been working closely with IT Services and the Pure supplier to diagnose the causes of the poor performance. The cause has yet to be fully diagnosed, but discussions have focused on environment and file storage specification and database query design.

Two recent events appear to have worsened service performance:

  • Changes made to parts of the University file storage facility (17th - 21st August)
  • Recent upgrade from Pure version 5.6.4 to 5.9.3 (15th - 18th September)

On 20th September Pure became unusable and IT began an emergency project to move the service to file storage recommended by the Pure supplier. This was completed on 26th September, and Pure is now running on more modern and faster storage. Initial performance results are promising.

The next phase of this work will be to investigate the performance benefits of moving Pure from a virtual to a physical environment (this is the recommendation of the software supplier). This work began in parallel with the file store move and is already well underway with a target completion date within the Autumn term.

We hope these pieces of work solve Pure service instabilities, however, if they do not we will continue to work with the Pure supplier to examine product behaviour in more depth. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this degraded performance has caused you, and thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

19th Sep '17: major upgrade is now complete

We are glad to announce Pure was upgradred successfully from version 5.6.4 to 5.9.3. This upgrade introduces 5 new content models for activities, prizes, applications, awards and projects. It also includes several ORCID and Open Access improvements. Please find more information below.

Details of the Pure upgrade

  • Changes to the Activities area, including new categories and the ability to add multiple people to an activity
  • Changes to the Projects area, which has now 3 content types (applications, awards and projects) making it easier to capture information at different stages of the award process
  • A new Prizes model, for gathering information about Prizes and Awards (find a preview here)
  • Minor ORCID integration improvements including:
    • ORCID notifications will only be sent when new/updated information has been supplied by Pure
    • Posgraduate researchers who use the Pure/ORCID integration will now get a Bristol student affiliation added to their ORCID account
  • A number of publications improvements including:
    • Fixes to some REF Open Access compliance logic (for Library use)
    • Altered workflow to prevent validated full text documents from being removed
    • Expansion of the Journal datamodel to include whether the Journal is indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals
    • Improved process for populating Scopus Author IDs
    • Auto-population of some license information when adding a full text document to a record (for documents sourced from Science Direct only)
    • Full text download metrics visible on output records (in the metrics tab of the record)

13th Jun '17: Pure publications to be available in MyReview

MyReview is the University system for managing annual reviews for staff. Phase 3 of the project includes an integration with Pure that will allow authors to import their Pure publications into their annual review form. This will avoid the need to manually input publication information into MyReview. We expect this integration to be available by the end of 2017. There is more information available on the HR webpages.

22nd Mar '17: Pure/EBR interruption on 05 April

On Wednesday 05th April 7am-5pm Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be unavailable. This is to allow for essential IT maintenance to be carried out. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption.

03rd Mar '17: Pure/EBR interruption now cancelled

The IT maintenance work planned for Pure and Explore Bristol Research next Monday 06 March has been delayed, with a new date to be announced.

17th Feb '17: Pure/ORCID multiple update issue

There is currently an issue with the Pure/ORCID integration. Pure will attempt to update ORCID every day, even when no changes have been made. No updates will actually be made (unless changes are made in Pure) but users may receive three ORCID notification emails per day. This issue is fixed in the latest version of Pure (upgrade date to be announced on this page).

14th Feb '17: Advanced notice of Pure/EBR interruption on 06 March

On Monday 06th March 7am-5pm Pure and Explore Bristol Research will be unavailable. This is to allow for essential IT maintenance to be carried out. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption.

07th Feb '17: Recent Pure email malfunctions

On Monday 04th February (from approximately 4pm) a high volume of Pure emails from noreply@atira.dk were sent in error to a number of Bristol staff and postgraduate students. The source of these emails was a mis-configuration by the Pure third-party software suppliers. The suppliers have since corrected the misconfiguration and have assured us that no further emails will be sent from them. If you receive emails from noreply@atira.dk please delete them. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these rogue emails.

19th Dec '16: New Pure/EBR functionality

NEW in Pure and Explore Bristol Research:

Extended ORCID support

  • An EBR profile link and employment record is added to the ORCID account (for connected Pure/ORCID accounts)
  • Your ORCID profile is updated whenever a published paper is added to Pure (for connected Pure/ORCID accounts)
  • ORCID iDs appear on EBR profiles and publication pages (for ORCID iDs added to Pure)

Follow the link to find out instructions for connecting your Pure account to ORCID.

Other minor improvements to Explore Bristol Research

  • Related content is now available via tabs on pages rather than on the right hand side of the page, making these pages more attractive
  • Download statistics now appear on publications with documents, where the document has had more than 10 downloads
  • Additional profile information is now visible: keywords, links and positions outside the University
  • Publications improvements: extended use of the open access logo, license information on coversheets and pages, clearer links to BibTeX and RIS exports
  • Person listings are now include thumbnail images

Find out how to edit your EBR profile from Pure.

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