Pure news and future developments

03rd Sep '18: another major upgrade completed plus support announcements

Pure and Explore Bristol Research (EBR) were upgraded successfully on Tuesday 21st Sep to vs 5.12.2 of the software. Pure/EBR were interrupted during the installation process, for which we apologise. The new version will remain transparent to the end user for now, but introduces new features that the Pure team will explore soon and announce as appropriate.

Over the summer, we have been developing a new website, which we hope to launch soon. We will also release formal Pure training sessions in due course. We aim to support you the best we can, that is why this year will run 2h drop in sessions too: come and say hello next Wednesday 12th September, from 1 till 3pm at the Upper Atrium (MV Building). Further drop in dates will be added to our support page.

Last but not least, remember you can stay up to date by joining us on Twitter @BristolUniPure.

13th Jun '18: major upgrade is now complete

Pure and EBR were upgraded successfully last Thursday from version 5.10.3-1 to 5.11.3 of the software. As a result, we had some issues affecting a) Pure's performance and b) the importing functionality - which allows adding research outputs from online databases, but we are glad to confirm both issues have now been resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and want to thank you for your patience. Note we expect to upgrade Pure again by the end of the summer, so watch this space!

08th May '18: service news

Pure is now using MyERP (SSO) as the source system for Person and Projects data, and nightly data synchronisations have resumed. We used the migration as an opportunity to make the following changes:

Further improvements to the Person/Project synchronisations are being developed and will be announced here when live.

Scopus automated search
The Library are now importing University publication information from the Scopus bibliographic database into Pure. To avoid duplication of effort, researchers with individual Scopus scans may now want to turn these off. Read more information about the Scopus Pure import service including instructions for disabling individual scans.

Upcoming upgrade
Subject to the testing, Pure will be upgraded by the end of May on a date to be announced soon. Amongst other improvements and bug fixes, the new version has functionality to better manage publications with hyper-authorship and group collaborations.

09th Mar '18: upcoming person and project data freeze

As you will be aware, the MyERP system will be launched to the University on the 6th April. MyERP will become the data source for persons and projects data in Pure. The systems that previously provided this data will be retired.

To ensure a smooth transition, there will be a freeze period from the 16th March during which no synchronised persons or projects Pure data will change. The data will begin to be synchronised from MyERP on the 11th April. This means new staff details and new project information may be missing from Pure until the synchronisations resume. Academic staff new to the University may find they are unable to log into Pure.

With MyERP Pure will capture projects hierarchy
One of the benefits of MyERP will be that Pure can better capture the hierarchy of research projects, where funds are split between multiple internal budgets. More information about this and about other data improvements will be available here by the end of April.

22nd Jan '17: major upgrade is now complete

We are pleased to announce Pure and Explore Bristol Research (EBR) have been upgraded successfully, from version 5.9.3 to 5.10.3-1 of the software. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the interruption of Pure/EBR during the installation process. As per the last news item, the biggest change introduced by 5.10.3-1 is the unification of the research outputs (publications) model, which will remain seamless for the end user.

20th Dec '17: 2017 wrap-up

Dear colleagues,
It is Christmas time again and we would like to update you on the following matters before welcoming 2018.

IT Performance work
As per the item published in September, we have been working closely with IT Services and investigated the performance benefits of moving Pure from a virtual to a physical environment. The recommendation at this time is to remain on the new improved virtualised environment whilst developing a series of agreed actions to improve and measure performance and respond should the mock REF experience performance or stability issues.

Pure upgrades
We are glad to inform we have planned to upgrade Pure from version 5.9 to 5.10 next 15th January at 9 am. Further announcements will follow as the upgrade is subject to testing results. The biggest change introduced by the upgrade is the unification of the research outputs (publications) model. While this will initially be transparent to end users, it allows for further development the publications area in the future.

Over 2017 new integrations have been developed: we import now datasets from the University Research Data repository; we also push research outputs metadata to the MyReview system, to easily include publications within annual staff reviews (under the 'Tacking Stock' tab on the review form – academic staff only).

New introductory sessions on Pure now available (visit our support page to find out more).

We would like to wish you a lovely and refreshing Christmas break, and we look forward to working with you on the New Year.

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