Using Pure content on University websites

In addition to Explore Bristol Research Pure content is currently being re-used on other University websites in several ways:

PeopleProfiler school/department websites

Over 70 schools, department and faculties use PeopleProfiler websites for the display of staff lists. All publications lists, photos of academics and research interests statements on PeopleProfiler profiles are actually coming from Pure. An example of this is on the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies website. Pure content on these websites is updated every night. People Profiler further information and current issues.

Research Information Data Service

IT Services are developing a Research Information Data Service that enables the automatic repurposing of research information held in Pure via websites and system applications as needed.

The first phase of this data service is a publications widget for organisations. The widget displays lists of Pure publications information associated with any School / Department / Research Group. The lists can be configured to show full or minimal citation information, to show publications published in certain years or of a certain type (journal articles, book chapters etc). The widget can also include a search box, so that website visitors can search for specific words within the list. Lists include links through to the full publication records on Explore Bristol Research and (where supplied) to the DOI.

Here are a few examples of the widget in use:

More examples will be added here as they become available.

The widget is available to be used on any organisation website that is hosted within the University of Bristol. Please contact the public relations web team if you want to add the widget to a T4 Site Manager website.