Pure overview

Pure is the University Research Information System and institutional repository, and Explore Bristol Research (EBR) the Pure-driven public website (more about Pure/EBR).

Access to Pure/EBR

Current academic members of staff and postgraduate research students automatically have a 'personal user' account in Pure and a public profile on EBR. Your EBR profile will update immediately after you make any changes in Pure.

Academic honorary staff can request access to a Pure personal user account. Professional Services can also request access if they need to support the use of Pure within a faculty, school or centre. Send your request to pure-support@bristol.ac.uk and we will be happy to help you as appropriate.

Did you know that personal users can set up 'trusted users'? See how to allow someone to act on your behalf.

Understand your Pure screen (Personal overview)

Personal users will default to the Personal overview screen when logging into Pure (top menu).

Note the following areas on your personal overview screen:

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Enhance your research profile

All researchers have a public research profile on EBR. While it is not mandatory, we recommend you take the steps below to enhance your profile. Improving your profile will make your research more discoverable online and will increase collaboration opportunities.

In Pure, on your Personal overview screen, click on the Edit profile button and a new window will open. Scroll down to:

  1. Upload a photo
  2. Add a research description
  3. Create/connect your ORCID

You can also add URLs, keywords and name variations. Download our detailed guidance: How to edit your Pure profile (PDF, 476kB).

Your profile on your School/Faculty website is not Pure but your People Profiler page, a different system that we do not support. Find out more about the system and how it integrates with Pure on the People Profiler site.

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What to put in Pure

Research information in Pure is organised in content types. They appear on the left-hand side menu on your Pure personal overview (more about adding and editing content types).

What we ask from you and how your research data is used
Research outputs All academics and PGRs must add their publications to Pure for Open Access compliance and the REF. Additional uses include online promotion on EBR and other University websites, Researchfish, etc. Bear in mind productions like conference papers, posters, websites, etc. are also research outputs.
Activities Add your invited talks, editorial work, etc. to promote them online on EBR. It is not mandatory to add your activities to Pure.
Prizes Add your prizes, awards and other research esteem indicators to promote them online on EBR. It is not mandatory to add your prizes to Pure.
Projects Most of the funded research Project data is sourced from University Finance systems. Some links between publications and projects are uploaded to Researchfish on behalf of PIs. Additional uses include online promotion on EBR. It is not mandatory to add your projects to Pure.
Impacts Effects/changes that research has beyond academia. Impact officers and RED staff use the information to track impact. This is not mandatory.
Datasets All datasets are sourced from the University Research Data repository 'data.bris'. Link your datasets to your publications and/or projects.
Student theses Postgraduate research students are required to add the final version of their thesis to Pure. The option to do so is also open to current members of staff who completed their thesis at the University of Bristol.

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What else can be done with Pure

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