Funding Applications and Awards

Information sources for projects and applications in Pure

Details of applications and awards for research projects have been loaded into Pure from the University system ORCA. Successful and unsuccessful applications since 2009 will appear in Pure as well as details of awards going back to 2002. Applications and awards cannot be edited within Pure. They have been included for information purposes.

You will see details of applications where you have been listed as the main applicant in ORCA. Applications and awards will only be visible to you and high-level Pure users. Other Pure users are not able to see, search or edit your applications. If your information is incorrect please contact Pure support and we will look into the problem.

Changing project funder visibility on the Explore Bristol Research web site Project and award visibility on Explore Bristol Research

Most of the details in application and award records are only visible to you and high-level Pure users. The only current possible exceptions to this are Funding organisation. You can make these fields visible on the related project in Explore Bristol Research (EBR), provided your project has also been made visible. Funding organisation is the only information which can currently be made visible on our web site - and this should only be done where permission has been given ( More about application and project information and records which can be made public.)

Project and award visibility on Explore Bristol Research Read our guide to making project and funder details public on the EBR website

Select Applications/Funding

select Applications - funding

Open your application record in Pure, and change the visibility of the record from Highly confidential to Public:

change visibility

Remember to save your changes using the blue save button -  Save 

Funding organisation and HESA Classification information fields will now appear on the related project on the EBR web site (provided your project has also been made visible - See how to add information to funded projects and make public on the EBR web site). Below is an example of a project where the related application has been made public:

Project funder visible