New academic starters

How to import your publications portfolio into Pure

If you are new member of academic staff at the University you are expected to upload your publications back-catalogue into Pure. We ask you to do this in order to promote your research and so that you comply with the University's Policy on Open Access to Research Publications. Your publications list will be available on the Explore Bristol Research public website and will be linked to your web profile.

What to add

We ask you to upload citation information for your major works published in the last five years and any other publishing highlights. If you publish a large volume of work you may need to be selective and focus your efforts on adding your most important publications.

We also ask you to upload author accepted manuscripts for any peer-reviewed research and review articles published in academic journals or conference proceedings (with an ISSN) published since October 2015.  This is the minimum needed to comply with the University’s Open Access mandate. Alternatively, you can provide a link to a version of the work if it was has already been made available via Open Access.

Three ways to add citation information

How to add full-text documents

Once you have your back-catalogue citation information in Pure, you can attach a copy of each publication full-text. Add the accepted manuscript (your version of the manuscript incorporating the changes resulting from peer review, but before publisher formatting) or the publisher PDF if you know you have permission to do so, for instance, the work was published with a CC-BY licence. Don’t panic about copyright permissions - the Library Open Access team will check all full-text documents before they are made available on Explore Bristol Research.

Going forward

We ask you to keep Pure up to date with any new work you publish while at Bristol, including copies of the full-text. 

Anything else?

Read the What to put into Pure (PDF, 356kB) 1 page document to understand what else to put into Pure.

Get help and advice by contacting the Pure support team.