Adding and editing impacts in Pure

New guidance about adding and editing impacts in Pure is now available: Impact in Pure (PDF, 667kB)

What is impact?

Impact can be seen as an effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia.

Why record impact?

The University is committed to demonstrating the wide-ranging impact of its research, regardless of any research funding exercise or the requirements of funding bodies. Impact was a key input into the University’s REF2014 return, and it is anticipated that it will be an element of the next REF exercise that is undertaken. Recording details of impacts in Pure can help the University to monitor the effects that its research has on wider society. 

The Pure impact module

This facility acts as an ‘impact log’ and allows ongoing lists of impacts, possible impacts and evidence of impacts to be maintained. Unlike publications, projects and activities, impacts are not displayed on the Explore Bristol Research web site. As many impact records as necessary should be created to describe all impacts stemming from the research, and a single project or research output may have multiple impacts. Impact records should be reviewed and updated regularly, particularly when there has been change or progress.

Activities and impact

The impact module should be used to record details of impacts (and future plans for impact/potential impact) only. Please use the ‘Activities' module to record details of any activities. An activity is something that you do, or participate in, either within or beyond academia. Activities may lead to impact, but are not impacts themselves. Where an activity has led to impact, please link the impact record through to the relevant activity/activities, using the ‘Relations’ field. For more information on creating Activity records in Pure, please see our Activities page.

Collaborations and impact

Collaborations may also lead to impact, but are not impacts themselves. Whilst working on research that is or will be generating impact, it is important to keep a record of the collaborative interactions that you are engaged in. In order to keep a record of these in the most efficient manner, please set up an Activities record in which to put the collaboration information and link it to the associated Impact record. Within the Activity record, make a note of the collaborator/s by adding them as ‘External Relations’ within the ‘Business and Community’ or ‘Public Engagement & Outreach’ modules.

Please see our detailed guidance for further information: Impact in Pure (PDF, 667kB)