What to do about incorrect data in Pure

Records such as research outputs can be added and edited directly in Pure but some of the other Pure information is taken from other University systems, including PIMS (details of staff and organisations), SITS (postgraduate research student and supervisor details), ORCA/ CODA (research applications, awards and projects).

Because this information is brought in from other systems, it is not always directly editable from within Pure. You may notice inaccuracies and incorrect data in Pure because some of the information from other University systems has not been used in this way before.

Research outputs

If you have been incorrectly added as an author on a research output, please open the research output and Disclaim the record - for further details about claiming and disclaiming records go to Change incorrectly-assigned publications

A message will be sent to the University of Bristol Pure support team and they will update the record as requested.

If there is a publication that already exists in Pure that you feel should be included in your list, you can search for it and claim it. Further details about claiming outputs. A message will be sent to the University of Bristol Pure support team and they will update the record as requested.

Research Projects

Research project information from 2002 onwards was brought into Pure from the University’s financial systems. Go to what to do if funded information appears to be incorrect

Please note that project spend information should be viewed via the Business Objects reports provided by Finance Services: http://www.bris.ac.uk/finance/systems/reporting/


Details of applications and awards have been automatically created in Pure from information held in the University’s finance systems. Information dating back to mid-2009 is being brought into Pure from ORCA (Online Research Contracts and Applications) systems. This should include successful and unsuccessful application/award information. Information prior to mid-2009 comes from an old application and award-tracking database that is no longer in use. This should include information about successful applications.

In the first instance, please contact Pure Support if you notice incorrect application/award information in Pure. We will investigate and suggest how the incorrect information can be rectified.

Personal information

The majority of personal information (e.g. job title, name) is brought into Pure from the University of Bristol HR system.

This information is not able to be updated within Pure and therefore any data that is incorrect must be corrected in the HR system.

The exceptions to this are:

Student and Supervisor information

Pure automatically receives information from SITS (the student record system) about postgraduate research students and details of which staff are supervising those students. These details are displayed in Pure only if students began their studies after August 2002. Please contact Pure Support if your supervision/student records are incorrect.

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