Creating relations between Pure content types

You can create relations or links between different types of content in Pure to show that, for example, a publication is related to a specific dataset [NEW], project, activity, etc. Creating links between projects and research outcomes is a useful feature as it allows you to display and demonstrate the links between your research outputs and inputs. Some links between publications and projects are uploaded to Researchfish on behalf of PIs.

How to create relations (links) in Pure

Creating relations in Pure is quick and easy. Log onto Pure and find the publication, project, impact or activity you want to link from. Click on the item and a new window will open. Scroll down to the section Relations where different types of content you can create relations to will be displayed.

project relations screen

Choose the type of item you want to create a Relation (link) to by clicking on the relevant icon. For example, if you have a publication which you wish to relate to one or more projects,select the research projects icon to display all of the projects that you are linked with.

Find the record you want to create a relation to and select the title - the link to the record will be created. If you want to remove the relation, click on the minus sign (-) opposite the title of the added item.