Pure-Researchfish interoperability

RCUK and six universities (including University of Bristol) are engaged in a pilot to explore the feasibility of transferring data from institutional systems to Researchfish. Currently, Bristol is providing publications and datasets data to Researchfish.

Publications bulk upload service - call to action

The first two years of the pilot are now complete. We are pleased to announce that the publications upload functionality will be developed into a supported service.
What you need to do: authors are encouraged link their publications to their projects in Pure. The most convenient time to do this is likely to be when you first create the publication in Pure. How to create relations in Pure
What will happen: In late 2017 any valid links in Pure will be uploaded to Researchfish on behalf of the PI. 

Further details about the publications bulk upload

Datasets bulk upload trial - call to action

In late 2017 the pilot will trial the upload of dataset information to Researchfish. This will operate in the same way as the publications upload: datasets from Pure will be uploaded to Researchfish where there is a DOI on the dataset and a funder reference code on the award, and where relations between datasets and projects have been made.
What you need to do: dataset owners are encouraged link their datasets to their projects in Pure. How to create relations in Pure
What will happen: In late 2017 any valid links in Pure will be uploaded to Researchfish on behalf of the PI.

Further details about the Datasets upload trial:

In addition to the publication and dataset bulk-uploads, researchers will still be required to enter details of other publications and all other research outcomes into Researchfish and to submit their return as complete and accurate during the forthcoming submission period. 

Unfortunately we cannot upload publication or dataset relations on behalf of research students, however we are working with RCUK and Researchfish to explore how to extend this functionality to include students.

Interoperability pilot history

Pilot phase 1 - 2015/16

In the first phase of the pilot (Autumn 2015 - Spring 2016) Only RCUK-funded awards linked to publications with DOIs were valid. We took a snapshot of Pure data at the end of October 2015, and submitted nearly 500 publication-project relations, over a total of 181 awards. 

Pilot phase 2 - 2016/17

In the second phase (Autumn 2016 - Spring 2017) the pilot expanded to include publications with DOIs or PubMed IDs and to include all awards in Researchfish. For Bristol this included awards from 16 funders.  Approximately 950 publication-project relations were uploaded, over a total of 313 awards.