Buddhist Studies Coffee Morning

At Hawthorn's Cafe, weekly during term time

A few years ago staff and postgraduate students of the Buddhist Studies Centre initiated a "Buddhist Studies Coffee Morning". This is a weekly meeting during term time, the day and time of which are set at the beginning of each term. It is an informal get-together, which provides an opportunity for chatting about our research and catching up on what's been going on at Bristol University and beyond. Professor Rupert Gethin, the founder of the Buddhist Studies Coffee Morning says: "Numbers vary as people are leaving and new people arriving all them time, but we have anything between ten and twenty people associated with the Centre for Buddhist Studies. Of course, not everyone comes every week, but the coffee mornings are a good way to get to know other postgraduates, staff and visiting scholars working in Buddhist Studies".

Doing a research degree can be a lonely time, so getting together with others makes a welcome break from the monotony of your study cubicle. Those who attend enjoy the opportunity of recharging their batteries with a nice caffee latte and some chit-chat.

Linzy Tsai (PhD student) remembers: "When I first came to Bristol, I realized how interaction between international students can be limited after lectures as I live far from the university precinct plus the university is a bit spreading in different corners. Luckily, the coffee morning every week offers great chance to chat with friends (maybe complain about work!) or exchange update information about life in Bristol or friends who have not shown up for a while. Absolutely love the coffee morning at Hawthorn, and will miss it a lot after leaving Bristol."

Our "Coffee Morning" is open to prospective postgraduate students of Buddhist Studies and others who wish to learn more about what postgraduate student life is like at our department, what we are up to, and which pub sells the best cider in Bristol. So please do not hesitate to come along! You will find us in Hawthorn's Cafe at one of the big oval tables.