GW4 Alliance

GW4 is an alliance which combines the intellectual capacity and physical resources of the four leading research-intensive universities in the South West of England and Wales: Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.

By building on existing collaborations and by fostering new engagements, GW4 universities work together across all academic activity, opening up growing opportunities to collaborate in common areas of shared facilities, learning, training and development.

Areas of collaboration

Contact your local GW4 team


GW4 Programme Manager

Jenny Knapp
Tel: 0117 331 7128

PGR Partnerships

Conny Lippert, GW4 PGR Partnerships Officer
Charlotte Anderson, GW4 PGR Administrative Assistant
Tel: 0117 928 9153

To contact individual GW4 Doctoral Training Partnerships, please visit the GW4 website

Developing People

Mike Gulliver and Pam Lock, GW4 Developing People Officers
Tel: 0117 331 7815
Gonzalo Velasco Berenguer & Charlotte Royle, GW4 Administrative Assistants

Other GW4 workstream contacts

GW4 Funding Opportunities

Current funding opportunities:

GW4 Research Development Opportunities

There are different research development opportunities offered across the four GW4 universities:

GW4 Resources

A number of useful resources developed by GW4 are available to all researchers at GW4 Universities.

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