Chemical safety

This section concerns the safe management of chemically based materials during:

  • purchase
  • storage
  • use
  • disposal.

It is relevant to laboratory workers and anyone working with a chemically-based substance (including paints, glues, cleaning fluid etc.) who must assess whether hazardous chemicals are being used in sufficient concentration or quantity or in a way that poses a significant risk to either health, environment or property.

Control of chemically hazardous substances

University policy and procedures governing work with hazardous chemicals to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Published document name: Haz-Chem-management-v1.1-po.pdf

Version: 1.1

Date of publication: June 2015

Author: Claire Wienburg

Contact: Claire Wienburg

Hazardous Chemical Management (PDF, 885 kb)

Effective chemical management requires consideration of the safe, responsible, sustainable and economical use of substances throughout the chemical lifecycle – from procurement, storage, use, transport and through to disposal. All aspects of hazardous chemical use are governed by a comprehensive set of legislation to ensure the risks posed by substances which may be harmful to health or to the environment are suitably controlled. The Hazardous Chemical Management Policy provides guidelines on safe management practices for hazardous chemicals and their associated risks to ensure the health and safety of staff and students and compliance with current regulatory requirements. The policy outlines the responsibilities of

  • Heads of Schools to ensure appropriate management arrangements are in place to comply with those duties
  • Line Managers, staff and specialist duty holders with respect to their roles to ensure the risks posed by handling hazardous substances are assessed, precautions taken to prevent or reduce those risks and substances are handled safely and securely.



Chemical waste disposal route

This disposal route is now managed by staff from Sustainability who should be contacted for further information and documentation, including the waste disposal form.

Contact: Rose Rooney (Sustainability) Sustainability chemical waste route

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