Health and safety committees

This committee structure forms part of the University's health and safety management arrangements.

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Executive Health and Safety Group

The group's purpose is to take executive action on matters of health and safety. The group monitors the outcome of health and safety audits, accidents and incidents, significant issues arising from the various channels of communications and determines an appropriate course of action. A key role is to enable the Provost, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer to approve policies, subject to them being afforded an appropriate process of consultation.

The committee's membership comprises:

  • Head of Health and Safety
  • Chief People Officer
  • Provost
  • Registrar and Secretary
  • Chief Operating Officer

Human Resourses Committee

Further information about the Human Resourses Committee is available on the University Council pages.

Council committees

Health and Safety Consultative Committee

The Health and Safety Consultative committee provides a formal vehicle for the workforce to monitor the management of health and safety, to raise concerns about workplace standards, and to provide a means of formal consultation on new or revised procedures and practices.

Operational Sub-group

The Operational Sub-group meets to address operational issues arising from day-to-day activities or the observations of trade union safety representatives. On those occasions when the group cannot resolve a particular item it will be escalated through the University committee structure or through operational management, as appropriate.

The committee comprises:

  • Deputy Director of Safety and Health
  • Head of Facilities Management
  • Joint Trade Union Safety Representative.

Biological and Genetic Modification Safety Committee

BGMSC advises on all aspects of biological safety management within the University. Where activities on University premises involve genetically modified organisms or pathogenic biological agents it also has specific functions under legislation and University safety policies. For more information, please visit the biological safety section of this website.