Ionising radiation safety

This purpose of this section is to provide guidance and information to University personnel who intend to use or are using sealed or unsealed radioactive sources. This is to ensure compliance with both legislative and University requirements and safe working with this material.

The University Radiation Protection Advisor can also provide further advice and information.



Training material


Radioactive source database

For maintaining records of worker registration, risk assessments, ordering, use and disposal of radioactive substances for activities on University premises.

All current radiation forms are also accessed from within the database:

  • RP1 - Radiation Register Application
  • RP2 - Radiation Risk Assessment
  • RP3 - Permit to Acquire Radioactive Material
  • RP4 - Radionuclide Stock Card
  • RP5 - Radioactive Waste Disposal Summation Card
  • RP6 - Sealed Source Accountancy Form
  • RP8 - Change Of Ownership Of A Sealed Radioactive Source
  • RP9 - Consignment Certificate - Excepted Package
  • RP9a - Consignment Certificate - Type A Package
  • RP10 - Permit To Work in a Radioactive Area
  • RP10a - Clearance Certificate Prior to Work in a Radioactive Area
  • RP11 - Unsealed Sources Stocktake Form
  • RP12 - Sealed Source Leak Test Certificate
  • RP13 - Unsealed Sources Justification Form
  • RP14 - Contamination Monitoring Report Form
  • RP15 - Contaminated Item Clearance Permit
  • RP16 - Local Training Record Form