News in 2012

  • Health and Safety Bulletin - November 2012 30 October 2012 This is the first of a termly bulletin from the Health and Safety Office. If you would like to receive it directly via email please contact and we will add you to the mailing list.
  • Nanosafety guidance now available 7 September 2012 The UK Nanosafety Partnership have released a guidance document "Working Safely with Nanomaterials in Research and Development".
  • We want your views 24 July 2012 We are currently consulting upon several revised and new documents and we would welcome your views.
  • Working off-site / fieldwork guidance released. 6 February 2012 Guidance is now available on the health and safety management of any activities taking place away from University premises. This could include activities as diverse as attendance at meetings, conferences and recruitment fairs, or undertaking social science interviews, as well as activities associated with the term “fieldwork” such as survey/collection work carried out by geologists or biologists.
  • New and updated HS management guidance released. 11 January 2012 New and updated guidance on the management of health and safety, including the role of the school or service safety advisor (SSA) and local rules templates are now available from our guidance section.