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Extension of the Prohibition on Smoking on University Premises

12 November 2015

As the University is an organisation that aspires to a working environment that is safe, healthy, pleasant and inspiring I am proposing an extension to the restrictions on smoking on University premises and seek your views. 

The current smoking policy prohibits the use of both tobacco products and e-cigarettes in University buildings and outdoors where the effects of smoking impacts on building occupants.  The proposal is to extend the prohibition on the smoking of tobacco products on all University grounds whilst allowing the continued use of e-cigarettes outdoors. This will serve to demonstrate the University’s commitment to promoting a healthy, productive and pleasant workplace and facilitate the choice of smokers to change from tobacco products to a less harmful alternative. 

The best way for a smoker to protect their health, and the health of those around them, is to stop immediately, completely and permanently.  This proposal aims to make it easier for those who do want to stop to do so, and easier for those who have already stopped to stay stopped.

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Please forward your comments to Peter Adams by 15 January 2016:; Safety & Health Services 1-9 Old Park Hill, BS2 8BB, 0117 92 x 88781 or air your views on Yammer.