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Strategic plan 2015

30 January 2015

Dear colleagues, 

Last year members of Council, the senior management team and staff in Safety & Health Services engaged in a healthy debate to determine how the University will approach the matter of health and safety.  This year we embark on the plan of work to implement that strategy. 

The outcome is an approach that maps the University’s values of excellence, responsibility and transparency whilst enabling independence in thinking and academic autonomy. 

The strategy is to work Towards Zero. 

We aim to work responsibly to reduce those incidents that are preventable, whilst accepting that there is risk in everything we do.  This strategy is not a risk averse approach that aims to eliminate all risk.  It accepts that to achieve a state of zero accidents would require behaviours and actions that are unrealistic, potentially stifling and precautions that would go beyond what is required of an already demanding legal framework. 

What is required is an expectation of responsible decision making, of compliance with legislation and University policy and the application of intellectual engagement with the risk assessment process.  By doing so the consequences of actions can be foreseen and measures adopted to protect our colleagues, students, visitors, neighbours and ourselves; and the most hazardous of activities can be embarked upon with confidence. 

A plan of work has been devised to facilitate the strategy.  Here in Safety & Health Services we have the foundation of an excellent health and safety management system and we now have much work to do to use that foundation to produce outstanding health and safety performance.  In the coming months you will see changes in our approach to audits, to the reporting and follow-up of accidents and near misses, a more systematic approach to training, of verification and oversight, and the expectation that the highest standards will be achieved.  What this aims to deliver is an organisation in which everyone interacting with the University will return home unharmed and with their health intact.

Peter Adams

Director of Health and Safety

January 2015

Strategic plan (PDF, 291kB)