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Archaeology and Anthropology

Sarah Gosling

Sarah Gosling Current student
MPhil Archaeology and Anthropology

"One of the best things about Bristol has been the opportunity to work in different departments. The University actively encourages interbetween-departmental collaboration and this has meant that I have been allowed to follow my interests [in anatomy]..."

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Lindsay Keniston Udall

Lindsay Keniston Udall Current student
MLitt/PhD Archaeology

"Every year there is a four-day field trip to Exmoor for new postgraduates, visiting a number of sites in Exmoor. It’s a great opportunity to get to know everyone in the Department. I’m really enjoying my experience here, and through studying here I’ve been asked to speak at two conferences already, which was really good experience..."

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Alistair Pike

Alistair Pike Reader
Archaeological Sciences

"It’s great to be in a department that houses both archaeologists and anthropologists. The two subjects are essentially studying the same thing, just over different timescales; the past and the present. This unique combination gives us new perspectives on what it is, and was, to be human..."

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Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop Former student
BA Drama, 2011

"There hasn't been a single element of the course where I haven't felt pushed in an extremely productive way. The course has inspired and enabled me to do a lot of things I would never have done otherwise..."

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Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke Lecturer
Performance Studies

"Bristol is really focused around practice-as-research in performance and screen, and as a practitioner researcher it’s a good place to situate myself... This made returning here to teach [after study] attractive due to the quality of the students and their engagement with both thinking and making practice..."

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Paul Geary

Paul Geary Current student
MLitt Drama

"Because the department houses performance, television, theatre and film together in one space, it feels open for you to work in an interdisciplinary way... Being introduced in the undergraduate degree to a wide range of practices outside the mainstream really gives you the chance to decide what you are interested in..."

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Jacqueline Maingard

Jacqueline Maingard Senior Lecturer
Film and Television Studies

"I think that Bristol is a top university in terms of research, and I think students appreciate that they are learning from accomplished researchers and scholars, people who are dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in the world..."

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Emma Hornby

Emma Hornby Senior Lecturer

"The Music Department has a great family atmosphere, partly because we're quite small, so we actually do know all our students by name.  We're lucky as a department because our students share our passion for music..."

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Omega Mehrabi

Omega Mehrabi Current student
MPhil Composition

"[As] a single mother with three teenage children at home... the MPhil in Composition has given me the freedom to research my own ideas and interests, with the option of studying part-time..."

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Rachel Sutton

Rachel Sutton Current student
BA Music

"The best thing about the Music Department is the community feeling... Students are strongly encouraged to perform, steward or listen to as much as they can and there are many extra-curricular opportunities you can get involved in..."

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Kemal Yusuf

Kemal Yusuf Former student
BA Music, 2011

"The course here is good because of the flexibility. You can really tailor your degree to your ambitions, which is great..."

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More comments from BA Music single and joint honours graduates about their course are available on the Department of Music website.


James Ladyman

James Ladyman Professor

"When you teach, you re-engage with the subject yourself. I teach a lot of difficult technical subjects and I enjoy seeing the journey the students take in coming to understand these issues and how rewarding this process is for them..."

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Pål Ross

Pål RossCurrent student
MA (part-time) Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics

"The academics are research-active and constantly publishing things. The projects they do are very inclusive; they are happy to let students participate and raise opinions. This really gives you a chance to get involved in where the work of the department is going..."

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Michelle Montague

Michelle Montague Lecturer

"One of the joys of teaching is that quite often you are able to teach new material, which I do as much as possible... I think the students appreciate this because they can sense when the teacher is excited about new material and trying to figure something out. To my mind, this is the best possible teaching atmosphere; with teacher and students working together. "

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