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Publication - Dr Alan Wilson

    A Dilemma for Neo-Aristotelian Supererogation


    Wilson, AT, 2017, ‘A Dilemma for Neo-Aristotelian Supererogation’. Ethics, vol 128., pp. 199-211


    It has recently been argued that virtue ethics cannot accommodate the possibility of supererogation. In response, Rebecca Stangl proposes a neo-Aristotelian account of supererogation that, she argues, generates plausible verdicts, while also being compatible with the doctrine of the mean. I argue that Stangl’s response is unsuccessful. First, I demonstrate that the proposal in its current form is problematically indeterminate, meaning that we cannot know what verdicts would be produced in response to classic examples. Second, I argue that anyone attempting to develop the account faces a dilemma, and that both options for responding to this dilemma generate problematic results.

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