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Publication - Dr Kentaro Fujimoto

    Unifying the Philosophy of Truth


    Achourioti, T, Galinon, H, Martinez-Fernandez, J & Fujimoto, K, 2015, ‘Unifying the Philosophy of Truth’. Springer


    This anthology of the very latest research on truth features the work
    of recognized luminaries in the field, put together following a
    rigorous refereeing process. Along with an introduction outlining the
    central issues in the field, it provides a unique and unrivaled view of
    contemporary work on the nature of truth, with papers selected from key
    conferences in 2011 such as Truth Be Told (Amsterdam), Truth at Work
    (Paris), Paradoxes of Truth and Denotation (Barcelona) and Axiomatic
    Theories of Truth (Oxford).

    Studying the nature of the concept of
    ‘truth’ has always been a core role of philosophy, but recent years have
    been a boom time in the topic. With a wealth of recent conferences
    examining the subject from various angles, this collection of essays
    recognizes the pressing need for a volume that brings scholars up to
    date on the arguments.

    Offering academics and graduate students
    alike a much-needed repository of today’s cutting-edge work in this
    vital topic of philosophy, the volume is required reading for anyone
    needing to keep abreast of developments, and is certain to act as a
    catalyst for further innovation and research.

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