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Publication - Professor Pauline Fairclough

    "We should not sing of heaven and angels"

    Western Sacred Music in Soviet Russia


    Fairclough, P, 2017, ‘"We should not sing of heaven and angels": Western Sacred Music in Soviet Russia’. in: Patricia Hall (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Music Censorship. Oxford University Press, New York


    This chapter examines the changing ways in which Western sacred music was performed in concerts at major cultural centers in Russia during the period 1917–1964. It first considers early Soviet policy on Western sacred works including the repertoire of the Leningrad State Academic Capella, led by Mikhail Klimov who served as conductor and director from 1918 through 1935. The chapter goes on to assess the impact of both the Russian Association of Proletarian Musicians in the late 1920s and the effect of Stalinism in the 1930s and 40s. Finally, it comments on the preservation of part of Johann Sebastian Bach’s a capella legacy by setting the music to Soviet texts.

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