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Dr Sean Gryb


I am a theoretical physicist and philosopher of physics working on spacetime theory and quantum gravity. I am currently a Research Associate in the Philosophy Department at the University of Bristol.
I am interested in the most fundamental of questions about the nature and origin of the Universe. Of these, I find those related to our knowledge of the properties of things in space and time to be most compelling because they are central to our understanding of some of the biggest open questions in physics. Particularly puzzling is how  two of our most revolutionary theories of physics — Einstein’s theory of General Relativity and Quantum Theory — can coexist in one simple framework that one might call Quantum Gravity. This hundred-year-old problem has proved to be particularly challenging, and may involve a complete rethinking of the nature of reality.
In my research, I have focused on two important aspects of quantum gravity: the role of time, as expressed by the Problem of Time, and the role of scale, using a theory called Shape Dynamics.



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