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Dr Connor Doak

Connor Doak works primarily on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature and culture, with a special interest in gender and sexuality and their relationship to war and political change. He has published in journals such as Modernism/modernitySlavic and East European Journal and Forum for Modern Language Studies. He is currently working on a monograph exploring how the poet Vladimir Maiakovskii uses verse to negotiate the shifting terrain of masculinity in revolutionary Russia and the early Soviet period. Connor's work increasingly extends back into the nineteenth century, as evidenced by recent publications on fatherhood in Chekhov's stories and on performing masculinity in Dostoevskii's Demons. He is also beginning to work on a project on how contemporary adaptations of classic texts frame issues of masculinity.

Connor is co-organizer, with Bradley Stephens (French), of 'Transnational Masculinities', an interdisciplinary workshop series funded by Bristol's Institute of Advanced Studies. He is also co-convener, with Muireann Maguire (University of Exeter) and Margarita Vaysman (University of St Andrews), of the Nineteenth-Century Study Group in the British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES). In 2017, Connor won a British Academy Rising Stars Engagement Award to create the 'UK-Russia Research Forum', which had its inaugural international symposium in January 2018.

Research keywords

  • Russian
  • Modernism
  • Gender and the Body
  • Poetry
  • Revolution
  • War