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Dr Damien Mooney


In the academic year 2018/2019, Dr Mooney will be teaching on the following units:

  • FREN10008 Shaping France
  • FREN10011 Global French (Unit Director)
  • FREN20044 The French Language: Structures and Varieties (Unit Director)
  • MODL20016 General Linguistics (Unit Director)
  • FREN30001 French Language 3 (Translation)
  • FREN30043 French Dialectology: Geographical Variation and Change in the Espace Francophone (Unit Director)
  • MODL30016 Sociolinguistic Anthropology: Language, Culture, and Society

Consultation and feedback hours (Teaching Block 2): Wednesday 10-11am, Thursday 11am-12pm (19 Woodland Road, Room 2.66).