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Dr Donal Hassett



Consultation Hours: I am available to students on Tuesday from 10:00-12:00. I am also open to students contacting me by email and arranging meetings at mutually convenient times. My office is No 2.63 on the top floor of Villa 19, Woodland Road.


My undergraduate teaching includes courses on Islam, Muslims and France: A Multi-Layered History and A Political and Cultural History of France in the Great War. I also contribute to the second year unit on the Third Republic and first year core unit and Global French. I am convenor of our First Year history survey course, Shaping France.

At postgraduate level, I contribute to the course 'Theories of Visual Culture' for the MA in Comparitive Literatures and Cultures. I also convene and teach on the unit 'Theorising Violence: Colonial Encounters and Anticolonial Reactions'.

I teach French-English translation as part of the department's language teaching.