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Publication - Professor Gino Raymond

    Beyond left and right?


    Raymond, G, 2017, ‘Beyond left and right?’. Modern and Contemporary France, vol 25., pp. 417-428


    The end of the left-right divide is something which has been pronounced with growing regularity over the last 30 years or so. Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the presidential election and the majority obtained by his party, La République en Marche, in the parliamentary election, would seem to confirm that development. This article analyses, in the first instance, the failure of traditional parties of left and right to adapt to the transformation of their respective electorates and, consequently, the declining appeal of what was on offer politically. It will then examine what the implications are when party vehicles for traditional ideologies disappear and the possible risks this entails. Finally, the article considers whether this ideological vacuum has now been filled by a politics of spectacle and media management, and whether France has become a liberal democracy just like any other.

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