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Ms Gloria Visintini


I first joined the School of Modern Languages as a Language Tutor in 2006. Since then I have been teaching Italian across all levels in undergraduate programmes. In 2011 I was given an additional role and appointed Director of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). As a result, I became responsible for the development of the School’s technology enhanced pedagogy, which involves: advising colleagues on technology-based methodologies in language and cultural teaching;  running and/or organising IT training sessions;  facilitating, coordinating, supporting and harmonising innovative teaching practice; arranging internal seminars and national conferences (e.g. the 2012 conference on innovative feedback and the 2013 conference on open educational resources).

As Director of TEL, I also chair the School Multimedia Learning Centre Committee and regularly review and invest in new equipment and learning resources that can be used by staff in teaching or by students in our School Multimedia Learning Centre. Moreover, I am involved in the spatial design of the School with a particular focus on the conceptualisation of study spaces. Recently I have also been working on a School-wide Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). It launched for the first time in February 2015 on the FutureLearn platform and ran again in October 2015 and February 2016 (to discover more about the course and/or register go to Cultural Studies and Modern Languages: An Introduction). The MOOC was awarded the 2015 University Award for Education in the Faculty of Arts.

On top of my dual role, in 2011 I was asked to take on a Faculty advisory position and was nominated as the Faculty of Arts TELAN Representative. I now sit on several committees and working groups at the University level, like the Technology Enhanced Learning Advisors Network (TELAN) Committee, to advise on elements underpinning the implementation of TEL.

In 2013 I was awarded the University of Bristol Teaching Fellowship.